Creating A Situational Awareness Dashboard:

Fire Season

The first step in creating a situational awareness dashboard is knowing what to include and how to interpret the data. This guide can serve as a roadmap for you to begin to discover what types of resources are available and may be relevant to you.

Always heed the warnings and advice of your local Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), they are the true experts! If you feel you are in harm's way, immediately call 911 and follow the instructions provided by your local authorities. Always listen to and follow instructions from your local authorities for critical life safety information. Follow all evacuation warnings and orders issued by your local, state, or federal agencies.

The information provided here is not to be used for making life safety decisions. The links and resources provided here are posted to give you an idea of what types of local resources you may want to seek out. These resources are not an exhaustive list nor may they be appropriate for all disasters or locations, and they may not be available to you during an emergency. WaveTalkers makes no claims, warranties, assumptions, or any of that legalese jargon that any of these resources will be available, current, or accurate during an emergency. WaveTalkers is not affiliated with, supported by, or in any way associated with these sites. All links and information here are provided as a courtesy for our viewers to begin their own journey into creating their own Situational Awareness Dashboard.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of a rapidly changing emergency can help to raise your level of situational awareness. Learning to seek out primary sources of information provided by the AHJ and learning to listen to the types of information they distribute can greatly aid you in understanding what they are saying and following their directions.

Creating your own Situational Awareness Dashboard for Fire Season can be as simple as navigating to the most appropriate sites for your area of interest and then bookmarking the relevant pages in your browser. Making these links well ahead of a disaster can help you become familiar with official sites and how critical information is displayed. If you have basic HTML skills, you can create a dedicated web page that links to the resources you find most helpful. For mobile users, download the app if one exists, or navigate to the website and save the relevant URL as an icon on your device's home screen. Organize these apps and links into a folder for quick access.

Simple Steps to Situational Awareness during Fire Season

See links and Example pages below.

  1. Be Prepared before a fire begins.
  2. Close monitor the weather, especially red flag warnings, excessive heat, and wind.
  3. During high risk times, turn on the radio and monitor local fire and ems channels.
  4. Do your part to help others.

Resource Links

US Resources

Family Emergency Preparedness Sites

Communications and radio are NOT the most important things to focus on in terms of wildfires. Preparation for a fire is. Check with your local Office of Emergency Management, EMS, Fire, or other appropriate agency to find out if your community has sites like these.

Fire Weather and Wind

Monitoring the weather is absolutly critical. Red Flag Warnings, Extreme Head, and Wind are some of the most critical things to monitor.

Fire & Incident Tracking (near real time)

International Resources

Relevent Examples

Alert California - Ventura County Cameras
Alert California
Fire Weather Snooper
NWS Fire Weather Dashboard
Geographic Area Coordination Center

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