Technician Class Practice Test

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How is a computer's sound card used when conducting digital communications?

The sound card communicates between the computer CPU and the video display
The sound card records the audio frequency for video display
The sound card provides audio to the radio's microphone input and converts received audio to digital form
All of these choices are correct


Which of the following actions might amateur operators take to prevent exposure to RF radiation in excess of FCC-supplied limits?

Relocate antennas
Relocate the transmitter
Increase the duty cycle
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What is a good way to guard against electrical shock at your station?

Use three-wire cords and plugs for all AC powered equipment
Connect all AC powered station equipment to a common safety ground
Use a circuit protected by a ground-fault interrupter
All of these choices are correct


Which of the following is the most common cause for failure of coaxial cables?

Moisture contamination
Gamma rays
The velocity factor exceeds 1.0


From which of the following locations may an FCC-licensed amateur station transmit?

From within any country that belongs to the International Telecommunications Union
From within any country that is a member of the United Nations
From anywhere within International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regions 2 and 3
From any vessel or craft located in international waters and documented or registered in the United States


Which of the following types of emission has the narrowest bandwidth?

FM voice
SSB voice
Slow-scan TV


What electronic component allows current to flow in only one direction?

Driven element


Why should coax connectors exposed to the weather be sealed against water intrusion?

To prevent an increase in feed line loss
To prevent interference to telephones
To keep the jacket from becoming loose
All of these choices are correct


What does the term "APRS" mean?

Automatic Packet Reporting System
Associated Public Radio Station
Auto Planning Radio Set-up
Advanced Polar Radio System


What may happen if a transmitter is operated with the microphone gain set too high?

The output power might be too high
The output signal might become distorted
The frequency might vary
The SWR might increase


Which of the following is an important safety precaution to observe when putting up an antenna tower?

Wear a ground strap connected to your wrist at all times
Insulate the base of the tower to avoid lightning strikes
Look for and stay clear of any overhead electrical wires
All of these choices are correct


What is component 2 in figure T1?

Indicator lamp
Circuit Diagram


What device converts the RF input and output of a transceiver to another band?

High-pass filter
Low-pass filter
Phase converter


What is meant by the statement that a satellite is operating in mode U/V?

The satellite uplink is in the 15 meter band and the downlink is in the 10 meter band
The satellite uplink is in the 70 centimeter band and the downlink is in the 2 meter band
The satellite operates using ultraviolet frequencies
The satellite frequencies are usually variable


What band is best suited for communicating via meteor scatter?

10 meter band
6 meter band
2 meter band
70 centimeter band


How can you join a digital repeater's "talk group"?

Register your radio with the local FCC office
Join the repeater owner's club
Program your radio with the group's ID or code
Sign your call after the courtesy tone


What electrical component opposes the flow of current in a DC circuit?



Which of the following actions should you take if a neighbor tells you that your station's transmissions are interfering with their radio or TV reception?

Make sure that your station is functioning properly and that it does not cause interference to your own radio or television when it is tuned to the same channel
Immediately turn off your transmitter and contact the nearest FCC office for assistance
Tell them that your license gives you the right to transmit and nothing can be done to reduce the interference
Install a harmonic doubler on the output of your transmitter and tune it until the interference is eliminated


Which of the following measurements are commonly made using a multimeter?

SWR and RF power
Signal strength and noise
Impedance and reactance
Voltage and resistance


How fast does a radio wave travel through free space?

At the speed of light
At the speed of sound
Its speed is inversely proportional to its wavelength
Its speed increases as the frequency increases


Which of the following VHF/UHF frequency ranges are limited to CW only?

50.0 MHz to 50.1 MHz and 144.0 MHz to 144.1 MHz
219 MHz to 220 MHz and 420.0 MHz to 420.1 MHz
902.0 MHz to 902.1 MHz
All of these choices are correct


What is proof of possession of an FCC-issued operator/primary license grant?

A printed operator/primary station license issued by the FCC must be displayed at the transmitter site
The control operator must have an operator/primary station license in his or her possession when in control of a transmitter
The control operator's operator/primary station license must appear in the FCC ULS consolidated licensee database
All of these choices are correct


If a frequency display shows a reading of 2425 MHz, what frequency is that in GHz?

0.002425 GHz
24.25 GHz
2.425 GHz
2425 GHz


When may an amateur station transmit without on-the-air identification?

When the transmissions are of a brief nature to make station adjustments
When the transmissions are unmodulated
When the transmitted power level is below 1 watt
When transmitting signals to control model craft


What is meant by the term "Third Party Communications"?

A message from a control operator to another amateur station control operator on behalf of another person
Amateur radio communications where three stations are in communications with one another
Operation when the transmitting equipment is licensed to a person other than the control operator
Temporary authorization for an unlicensed person to transmit on the amateur bands for technical experiments


Which of the following is a resonant or tuned circuit?

An inductor and a capacitor connected in series or parallel to form a filter
A type of voltage regulator
A resistor circuit used for reducing standing wave ratio
A circuit designed to provide high-fidelity audio


In which type of circuit is voltage the same across all components?



Which of the following is an example of automatic control?

Repeater operation
Controlling the station over the internet
Using a computer or other device to send CW automatically
Using a computer or other device to identify automatically


What is a beam antenna?

An antenna built from aluminum I-beams
An omnidirectional antenna invented by Clarence Beam
An antenna that concentrates signals in one direction
An antenna that reverses the phase of received signals


What is the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)?

A technique to connect amateur radio systems, such as repeaters, via the internet using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
A system for providing access to websites via amateur radio
A system for informing amateurs in real time of the frequency of active DX stations
A technique for measuring signal strength of an amateur transmitter via the internet


Are amateur station control operators ever permitted to operate outside the frequency privileges of their license class?

Yes, but only when part of a FEMA emergency plan
Yes, but only when part of a RACES emergency plan
Yes, but only if necessary in situations involving the immediate safety of human life or protection of property


What is the current through a 100-ohm resistor connected across 200 volts?

20,000 amperes
0.5 amperes
2 amperes
100 amperes


What is the proper abbreviation for megahertz?



What is the meaning of the procedural signal "CQ"?

Call on the quarter hour
A new antenna is being tested (no station should answer)
Only the called station should transmit
Calling any station


What weather condition would decrease range at microwave frequencies?

High winds
Low barometric pressure
Colder temperatures