Technician Class Practice Test

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What is the maximum peak envelope power output for Technician class operators using their assigned portions of the HF bands?

200 watts
100 watts
50 watts
10 watts


Which of these precautions should be taken when installing devices for lightning protection in a coaxial cable feed line?

Include a parallel bypass switch for each protector so that it can be switched out of the circuit when running high power
Include a series switch in the ground line of each protector to prevent RF overload from inadvertently damaging the protector
Keep the ground wires from each protector separate and connected to station ground
Mount all of the protectors on a metal plate that is in turn connected to an external ground rod


What is meant by the term "check," in reference to a formal traffic message?

The number of words or word equivalents in the text portion of the message
The value of a money order attached to the message
A list of stations that have relayed the message
A box on the message form that indicates that the message was received and/or relayed


Which of the following connectors is most suitable for frequencies above 400 MHz?

A UHF (PL-259/SO-239) connector
A Type N connector
An RS-213 connector
A DB-25 connector


From which of the following locations may an FCC-licensed amateur station transmit?

From within any country that belongs to the International Telecommunications Union
From within any country that is a member of the United Nations
From anywhere within International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regions 2 and 3
From any vessel or craft located in international waters and documented or registered in the United States


Which of the following precautions should be taken when measuring high voltages with a voltmeter?

Ensure that the voltmeter has very low impedance
Ensure that the voltmeter and leads are rated for use at the voltages to be measured
Ensure that the circuit is grounded through the voltmeter
Ensure that the voltmeter is set to the correct frequency


What is the definition of duty cycle during the averaging time for RF exposure?

The difference between the lowest power output and the highest power output of a transmitter
The difference between the PEP and average power output of a transmitter
The percentage of time that a transmitter is transmitting
The percentage of time that a transmitter is not transmitting


What is the minimum safe distance from a power line to allow when installing an antenna?

Half the width of your property
The height of the power line above ground
1/2 wavelength at the operating frequency
Enough so that if the antenna falls unexpectedly, no part of it can come closer than 10 feet to the power wires


What component is commonly used to change 120V AC house current to a lower AC voltage for other uses?

Variable capacitor


What brief statement indicates that you are listening on a repeater and looking for a contact?

The words "Hello test" followed by your call sign
Your call sign
The repeater call sign followed by your call sign
The letters "QSY" followed by your call sign


In which type of circuit is current the same through all components?



How many amperes are flowing in a circuit when the applied voltage is 12 volts DC and the load is 120 watts?

0.1 amperes
10 amperes
12 amperes
132 amperes


Who does the FCC presume to be the control operator of an amateur station, unless documentation to the contrary is in the station records?

The station custodian
The third-party participant
The person operating the station equipment
The station licensee


What type of wave carries radio signals between transmitting and receiving stations?

Surface acoustic


Which of the following describes combining speech with an RF carrier signal?

Impedance matching
Low-pass filtering


What would cause a broadcast AM or FM radio to receive an amateur radio transmission unintentionally?

The receiver is unable to reject strong signals outside the AM or FM band
The microphone gain of the transmitter is turned up too high
The audio amplifier of the transmitter is overloaded
The deviation of an FM transmitter is set too low


Which of the following battery types is not rechargeable?



What is proof of possession of an FCC-issued operator/primary license grant?

A printed operator/primary station license issued by the FCC must be displayed at the transmitter site
The control operator must have an operator/primary station license in his or her possession when in control of a transmitter
The control operator's operator/primary station license must appear in the FCC ULS consolidated licensee database
All of these choices are correct


What is meant by the statement that a satellite is operating in mode U/V?

The satellite uplink is in the 15 meter band and the downlink is in the 10 meter band
The satellite uplink is in the 70 centimeter band and the downlink is in the 2 meter band
The satellite operates using ultraviolet frequencies
The satellite frequencies are usually variable


Where may SSB phone be used in amateur bands above 50 MHz?

Only in sub-bands allocated to General class or higher licensees
Only on repeaters
In at least some portion of all these bands
On any band as long as power is limited to 25 watts


Which computer sound card port is connected to a transceiver's headphone or speaker output for operating digital modes?

Headphone output
Microphone or line input


What class of electronic components uses a voltage or current signal to control current flow?



Who is accountable should a repeater inadvertently retransmit communications that violate the FCC rules?

The control operator of the originating station
The control operator of the repeater
The owner of the repeater
Both the originating station and the repeater owner


What property of a radio wave is used to describe its polarization?

The orientation of the electric field
The orientation of the magnetic field
The ratio of the energy in the magnetic field to the energy in the electric field
The ratio of the velocity to the wavelength


What is component 3 in figure T3?

Variable capacitor
Variable inductor
Circuit Diagram


What is a grid locator?

A letter-number designator assigned to a geographic location
A letter-number designator assigned to an azimuth and elevation
An instrument for neutralizing a final amplifier
An instrument for radio direction finding


Which of the following types of emission has the narrowest bandwidth?

FM voice
SSB voice
Slow-scan TV


What does an SWR reading of 4:1 indicate?

Loss of -4 dB
Good impedance match
Gain of +4 dB
Impedance mismatch


What does the abbreviation "PSK" mean?

Pulse Shift Keying
Phase Shift Keying
Packet Short Keying
Phased Slide Keying


If a frequency display shows a reading of 2425 MHz, what frequency is that in GHz?

0.002425 GHz
24.25 GHz
2.425 GHz
2425 GHz


What is the resistance of a circuit that draws 4 amperes from a 12-volt source?

3 ohms
16 ohms
48 ohms
8 ohms


What type of antennas are the quad, Yagi, and dish?

Non-resonant antennas
Log periodic antennas
Directional antennas
Isotropic antennas


Under which of the following circumstances may an amateur radio station make one-way transmissions?

Under no circumstances
When transmitting code practice, information bulletins, or transmissions necessary to provide emergency communications
At any time, as long as no music is transmitted
At any time, as long as the material being transmitted did not originate from a commercial broadcast station


Which of the following is an appropriate receive filter bandwidth for minimizing noise and interference for CW reception?

500 Hz
1000 Hz
2400 Hz
5000 Hz


Which of the following bands may provide long distance communications during the peak of the sunspot cycle?

6 or 10 meter bands
23 centimeter band
70 centimeter or 1.25 meter bands
All of these choices are correct