Technician Class Practice Test

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What electrical component opposes the flow of current in a DC circuit?



What is the function of component 2 in Figure T1?

Give off light when current flows through it
Supply electrical energy
Control the flow of current
Convert electrical energy into radio waves
Circuit Diagram


Which of the following is good practice when installing ground wires on a tower for lightning protection?

Put a loop in the ground connection to prevent water damage to the ground system
Make sure that all bends in the ground wires are clean, right-angle bends
Ensure that connections are short and direct
All of these choices are correct


What mode is responsible for allowing over-the-horizon VHF and UHF communications to ranges of approximately 300 miles on a regular basis?

Tropospheric ducting
D layer refraction
F2 layer refraction
Faraday rotation


What does the term "traffic" refer to in net operation?

Formal messages exchanged by net stations
The number of stations checking in and out of a net
Operation by mobile or portable stations
Requests to activate the net by a served agency


Which of the following precautions should be taken when measuring circuit resistance with an ohmmeter?

Ensure that the applied voltages are correct
Ensure that the circuit is not powered
Ensure that the circuit is grounded
Ensure that the circuit is operating at the correct frequency


What is the typical bandwidth of analog fast-scan TV transmissions on the 70 centimeter band?

More than 10 MHz
About 6 MHz
About 3 MHz
About 1 MHz


Which frequency is within the 6 meter amateur band?

49.00 MHz
52.525 MHz
28.50 MHz
222.15 MHz


What is the source of a high-pitched whine that varies with engine speed in a mobile transceiver's receive audio?

The ignition system
The alternator
The electric fuel pump
Anti-lock braking system controllers


When, under normal circumstances, may a Technician class licensee be the control operator of a station operating in an exclusive Amateur Extra class operator segment of the amateur bands?

At no time
When operating a special event station
As part of a multi-operator contest team
When using a club station whose trustee is an Amateur Extra class operator licensee


What is a good way to guard against electrical shock at your station?

Use three-wire cords and plugs for all AC powered equipment
Connect all AC powered station equipment to a common safety ground
Use a circuit protected by a ground-fault interrupter
All of these choices are correct


Which of the following connectors is most suitable for frequencies above 400 MHz?

A UHF (PL-259/SO-239) connector
A Type N connector
An RS-213 connector
A DB-25 connector


What is component 3 in figure T3?

Variable capacitor
Variable inductor
Circuit Diagram


Which term describes the ability of a receiver to detect the presence of a signal?

Total Harmonic Distortion


What formula is used to calculate voltage in a circuit?

Voltage (E) equals current (I) multiplied by resistance (R)
Voltage (E) equals current (I) divided by resistance (R)
Voltage (E) equals current (I) added to resistance (R)
Voltage (E) equals current (I) minus resistance (R)


From which of the following locations may an FCC-licensed amateur station transmit?

From within any country that belongs to the International Telecommunications Union
From within any country that is a member of the United Nations
From anywhere within International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regions 2 and 3
From any vessel or craft located in international waters and documented or registered in the United States


When is willful interference to other amateur radio stations permitted?

To stop another amateur station which is breaking the FCC rules
At no time
When making short test transmissions
At any time, stations in the Amateur Radio Service are not protected from willful interference


Which of the following is a good electrical insulator?



What can happen if the antennas at opposite ends of a VHF or UHF line of sight radio link are not using the same polarization?

The modulation sidebands might become inverted
Signals could be significantly weaker
Signals have an echo effect on voices
Nothing significant will happen


What, if any, are the restrictions concerning transmission of language that may be considered indecent or obscene?

The FCC maintains a list of words that are not permitted to be used on amateur frequencies
Any such language is prohibited
The ITU maintains a list of words that are not permitted to be used on amateur frequencies
There is no such prohibition


What is meant by the term "Third Party Communications"?

A message from a control operator to another amateur station control operator on behalf of another person
Amateur radio communications where three stations are in communications with one another
Operation when the transmitting equipment is licensed to a person other than the control operator
Temporary authorization for an unlicensed person to transmit on the amateur bands for technical experiments


What name is given to an amateur radio station that is used to connect other amateur stations to the internet?

A gateway
A repeater
A digipeater
A beacon


Which of the following is a way to reduce or eliminate interference from an amateur transmitter to a nearby telephone?

Put a filter on the amateur transmitter
Reduce the microphone gain
Reduce the SWR on the transmitter transmission line
Put an RF filter on the telephone


What is a common repeater frequency offset in the 70 cm band?

Plus or minus 5 MHz
Plus or minus 600 kHz
Plus or minus 500 kHz
Plus or minus 1 MHz


What type of antennas are the quad, Yagi, and dish?

Non-resonant antennas
Log periodic antennas
Directional antennas
Isotropic antennas


What type of radiation are VHF and UHF radio signals?

Gamma radiation
Ionizing radiation
Alpha radiation
Non-ionizing radiation


Which of the following could be the primary gain-producing component in an RF power amplifier?



What causes spin fading of satellite signals?

Circular polarized noise interference radiated from the sun
Rotation of the satellite and its antennas
Doppler shift of the received signal
Interfering signals within the satellite uplink band


Which of the following is a digital communications mode?

Packet radio
IEEE 802.11
All of these choices are correct


What, in general terms, is standing wave ratio (SWR)?

A measure of how well a load is matched to a transmission line
The ratio of high to low impedance in a feed line
The transmitter efficiency ratio
An indication of the quality of your station's ground connection


What is a "talk group" on a DMR digital repeater?

A group of operators sharing common interests
A way for groups of users to share a channel at different times without being heard by other users on the channel
A protocol that increases the signal-to-noise ratio when multiple repeaters are linked together
A net that meets at a particular time


How many microfarads are equal to 1,000,000 picofarads?

0.001 microfarads
1 microfarad
1000 microfarads
1,000,000,000 microfarads


What is the approximate velocity of a radio wave as it travels through free space?

150,000 kilometers per second
300,000,000 meters per second
300,000,000 miles per hour
150,000 miles per hour


Which of the following is an appropriate receive filter bandwidth for minimizing noise and interference for SSB reception?

500 Hz
1000 Hz
2400 Hz
5000 Hz


What is the proper abbreviation for megahertz?