Technician Class Practice Test

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Which of the following is an accepted practice to get the immediate attention of a net control station when reporting an emergency?

Repeat "SOS" three times followed by the call sign of the reporting station
Press the push-to-talk button three times
Begin your transmission by saying "Priority" or "Emergency" followed by your call sign
Play a pre-recorded emergency alert tone followed by your call sign


How much power is being used in a circuit when the applied voltage is 13.8 volts DC and the current is 10 amperes?

138 watts
0.7 watts
23.8 watts
3.8 watts


Why do exposure limits vary with frequency?

Lower frequency RF fields have more energy than higher frequency fields
Lower frequency RF fields do not penetrate the human body
Higher frequency RF fields are transient in nature
The human body absorbs more RF energy at some frequencies than at others


What is the typical bandwidth of analog fast-scan TV transmissions on the 70 centimeter band?

More than 10 MHz
About 6 MHz
About 3 MHz
About 1 MHz


What should be done to all external ground rods or earth connections?

Waterproof them with silicone caulk or electrical tape
Keep them as far apart as possible
Bond them together with heavy wire or conductive strap
Tune them for resonance on the lowest frequency of operation


What is a disadvantage of air core coaxial cable when compared to foam or solid dielectric types?

It has more loss per foot
It cannot be used for VHF or UHF antennas
It requires special techniques to prevent water absorption
It cannot be used at below freezing temperatures


What is the voltage across each of two components in parallel with a voltage source?

It is determined by the type and value of the components
Half the source voltage
Twice the source voltage
The same voltage as the source


Which of the following bands may provide long distance communications during the peak of the sunspot cycle?

6 or 10 meter bands
23 centimeter band
70 centimeter or 1.25 meter bands
All of these choices are correct


What is proof of possession of an FCC-issued operator/primary license grant?

A printed operator/primary station license issued by the FCC must be displayed at the transmitter site
The control operator must have an operator/primary station license in his or her possession when in control of a transmitter
The control operator's operator/primary station license must appear in the FCC ULS consolidated licensee database
All of these choices are correct


What type of component is often used as an adjustable volume control?

Fixed resistor
Power resistor


What is FT8?

A wideband FM voice mode
A digital mode capable of operating in low signal-to-noise conditions that transmits on 15-second intervals
An eight channel multiplex mode for FM repeaters
A digital slow scan TV mode with forward error correction and automatic color compensation


Which of the following might damage a multimeter?

Measuring a voltage too small for the chosen scale
Leaving the meter in the milliamps position overnight
Attempting to measure voltage when using the resistance setting
Not allowing it to warm up properly


What term is commonly used to describe the rapid fluttering sound sometimes heard from mobile stations that are moving while transmitting?

Picket fencing
Frequency shifting


If your license has expired and is still within the allowable grace period, may you continue to operate a transmitter on Amateur Radio Service frequencies?

No, transmitting is not allowed until the FCC license database shows that the license has been renewed
Yes, but only if you identify using the suffix GP
Yes, but only during authorized nets
Yes, for up to two years


What type of circuit controls the amount of voltage from a power supply?

Phase inverter


Which of the following controls could be used if the voice pitch of a single-sideband signal seems too high or low?

The AGC or limiter
The bandwidth selection
The tone squelch
The receiver RIT or clarifier


What is the unit of electromotive force?

The volt
The watt
The ampere
The ohm


What is meant by the statement that a satellite is operating in mode U/V?

The satellite uplink is in the 15 meter band and the downlink is in the 10 meter band
The satellite uplink is in the 70 centimeter band and the downlink is in the 2 meter band
The satellite operates using ultraviolet frequencies
The satellite frequencies are usually variable


What is meant by "repeater offset?"

The difference between a repeater's transmit frequency and its receive frequency
The repeater has a time delay to prevent interference
The repeater station identification is done on a separate frequency
The number of simultaneous transmit frequencies used by a repeater


How can overload of a non-amateur radio or TV receiver by an amateur signal be reduced or eliminated?

Block the amateur signal with a filter at the antenna input of the affected receiver
Block the interfering signal with a filter on the amateur transmitter
Switch the transmitter from FM to SSB
Switch the transmitter to a narrow-band mode


What is the amount of change, measured in decibels (dB), of a power increase from 20 watts to 200 watts?

10 dB
12 dB
18 dB
28 dB


Why should coax connectors exposed to the weather be sealed against water intrusion?

To prevent an increase in feed line loss
To prevent interference to telephones
To keep the jacket from becoming loose
All of these choices are correct


Except for some specific restrictions, what is the maximum peak envelope power output for Technician class operators using frequencies above 30 MHz?

50 watts
100 watts
500 watts
1500 watts


Under which of the following circumstances may an amateur radio station make one-way transmissions?

Under no circumstances
When transmitting code practice, information bulletins, or transmissions necessary to provide emergency communications
At any time, as long as no music is transmitted
At any time, as long as the material being transmitted did not originate from a commercial broadcast station


What does the abbreviation LED stand for?

Low Emission Diode
Light Emitting Diode
Liquid Emission Detector
Long Echo Delay


What is component 4 in figure T1?

Ground symbol
Circuit Diagram


What is a transceiver?

A type of antenna switch
A unit combining the functions of a transmitter and a receiver
A component in a repeater that filters out unwanted interference
A type of antenna matching network


How can you join a digital repeater's "talk group"?

Register your radio with the local FCC office
Join the repeater owner's club
Program your radio with the group's ID or code
Sign your call after the courtesy tone


Which of the following is a requirement for the issuance of a club station license grant?

The trustee must have an Amateur Extra class operator license grant
The club must have at least four members
The club must be registered with the American Radio Relay League
All of these choices are correct


Which of the following is true when installing grounding conductors used for lightning protection?

Only non-insulated wire must be used
Wires must be carefully routed with precise right-angle bends
Sharp bends must be avoided
Common grounds must be avoided


Which of these items would be useful for a hidden transmitter hunt?

Calibrated SWR meter
A directional antenna
A calibrated noise bridge
All of these choices are correct


Who must designate the station control operator?

The station licensee
The frequency coordinator


What is the approximate velocity of a radio wave as it travels through free space?

150,000 kilometers per second
300,000,000 meters per second
300,000,000 miles per hour
150,000 miles per hour


How might a computer be used as part of an amateur radio station?

For logging contacts and contact information
For sending and/or receiving CW
For generating and decoding digital signals
All of these choices are correct


What type of antennas are the quad, Yagi, and dish?

Non-resonant antennas
Log periodic antennas
Directional antennas
Isotropic antennas