APRS Basics for EmComm

Learn the basics of APRS from an EmComm perspective.

In this course instructors KK6DA, W0DHG, NR6V, and W6AH guide you through the basics of setting up your ham radio station to send and recieve APRS using Pinpoint APRS. The course starts with an overview of APRS, then shows you how to get your Amateur Radio Station connected to your computer. Once connected, an entire class session focuses on EmComm use case scenarios including: Updating Hospital Status, Sending Messages, Digipeating, and Mapping Deployed Resources

Conducted via Zoom by members of ARES LAX and Ventura County ACS/ARES. This course focuses on the uses and best practices for APRS from an EmComm perspective.

Key Topics Include

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APRS Basics for EmComm - Session 1

Recorded LIVE 19 December 2021 @2pm PST

Pinpoint APRS Overview

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