WaveTalkers Winlink Guide: VARA FM

VARA FM - Episode 53

Recorded LIVE at 1pm PST December 16, 2022

This week the WaveTalkers crew dives into Vara FM. We will start off with the basics of Vara FM and move through the configuration, testing and use with various radios and interfaces. While the core of Vara FM has stayed the same, many things have changed since the last time we took a deep look at this essential protocol for Winlink, EmComm, and digital ham radio operators.

Radio Interfaces for VARA - Episode 63

Recorded LIVE at 1pm PST March 12, 2023

This week the WaveTalkers crew takes a fresh look at Radio Interfaces that work with VARA FM and VARA HF. Join us to learn what options are available for connecting your ham radio to your computer and how to get the most out of your interface.