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In Figure E6-5, what is the schematic symbol for a NOR gate?

Circuit Diagram


What happens to the bandwidth of an antenna as it is shortened through the use of loading coils?

It is increased
It is decreased
No change occurs
It becomes flat


What is the primary characteristic of chordal hop propagation?

Propagation away from the great circle bearing between stations
Successive ionospheric reflections without an intermediate reflection from the ground
Propagation across the geomagnetic equator
Signals reflected back toward the transmitting station


Which of these digital modes has the narrowest bandwidth?

170 Hz shift, 45 baud RTTY
300-baud packet


Which of the following device packages is a through-hole type?

Ball grid array


What is considered a good minimum IMD level for an idling PSK signal?

+10 dB
+15 dB
-20 dB
-30 dB


What is the purpose of a "step-start" circuit in a high voltage power supply?

To provide a dual-voltage output for reduced power applications
To compensate for variations of the incoming line voltage
To allow for remote control of the power supply
To allow the filter capacitors to charge gradually


How many flip-flops are required to divide a signal frequency by 4?



What is a remotely controlled station?

A station operated away from its regular home location
A station controlled by someone other than the licensee
A station operating under automatic control
A station controlled indirectly through a control link


Which of the following conditions apply when transmitting spread spectrum emission?

A station transmitting SS emission must not cause harmful interference to other stations employing other authorized emissions
The transmitting station must be in an area regulated by the FCC or in a country that permits SS emissions
The transmission must not be used to obscure the meaning of any communication
All of these choices are correct


Which emission mode is best for aurora propagation?



Which of these digital modes has the fastest data throughput under clear communication conditions?

170 Hz shift, 45 baud RTTY
300 baud packet


What is one type of electrical interference that might be caused by the operation of a nearby personal computer?

A loud AC hum in the audio output of your station receiver
A clicking noise at intervals of a few seconds
The appearance of unstable modulated or unmodulated signals at specific frequencies
A whining type noise that continually pulses off and on


What do the letters I and Q in I/Q Modulation represent?

Inactive and Quiescent
Instantaneous and Quasi-stable
Instantaneous and Quenched
In-phase and Quadrature


What orientation of Bz (B sub z) increases the likelihood that incoming particles from the Sun will cause disturbed conditions?



Which of the following describes the construction of a receiving loop antenna?

A large circularly polarized antenna
A small coil of wire tightly wound around a toroidal ferrite core
One or more turns of wire wound in the shape of a large open coil
A vertical antenna coupled to a feed line through an inductive loop of wire


If a frequency counter with a specified accuracy of +/- 10 ppm reads 146,520,000 Hz, what is the most the actual frequency being measured could differ from the reading?

146.52 Hz
10 Hz
146.52 kHz
1465.20 Hz


What is the most common type of photovoltaic cell used for electrical power generation?

Cadmium Sulfide
Copper oxide


What is the minimum passing score on amateur operator license examinations?

Minimum passing score of 70%
Minimum passing score of 74%
Minimum passing score of 80%
Minimum passing score of 77%


What is the necessary bandwidth of a 13-WPM international Morse code transmission?

Approximately 13 Hz
Approximately 26 Hz
Approximately 52 Hz
Approximately 104 Hz


Which of the following is an advantage of using an antenna analyzer compared to an SWR bridge to measure antenna SWR?

Antenna analyzers automatically tune your antenna for resonance
Antenna analyzers do not need an external RF source
Antenna analyzers display a time-varying representation of the modulation envelope
All of these choices are correct


What is admittance?

The inverse of impedance
The term for the gain of a field effect transistor
The turns ratio of a transformer
The unit used for Q factor


What is the failure mechanism when a junction diode fails due to excessive current?

Excessive inverse voltage
Excessive junction temperature
Insufficient forward voltage
Charge carrier depletion


What is the resonant frequency of a parallel RLC circuit if R is 33 ohms, L is 50 microhenrys and C is 10 picofarads?

23.5 MHz
23.5 kHz
7.12 kHz
7.12 MHz


What limitations may the FCC place on an amateur station if its signal causes interference to domestic broadcast reception, assuming that the receivers involved are of good engineering design?

The amateur station must cease operation
The amateur station must cease operation on all frequencies below 30 MHz
The amateur station must cease operation on all frequencies above 30 MHz
The amateur station must avoid transmitting during certain hours on frequencies that cause the interference


In Figure E7-1, what is the purpose of R3?

Fixed bias
Emitter bypass
Output load resistor
Self bias
Circuit Diagram


What is a Jones filter as used as part of an HF receiver IF stage?

An automatic notch filter
A variable bandwidth crystal lattice filter
A special filter that emphasizes image responses
A filter that removes impulse noise


How many lines are commonly used in each frame of an amateur slow-scan color television picture?

30 or 60
60 or 100
128 or 256
180 or 360


What is a telecommand station in the amateur satellite service?

An amateur station located on the Earth's surface for communication with other Earth stations by means of Earth satellites
An amateur station that transmits communications to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a space station
An amateur station located more than 50 km above the Earth's surface
An amateur station that transmits telemetry consisting of measurements of the upper atmosphere


What does the impedance 50-j25 represent?

50 ohms resistance in series with 25 ohms inductive reactance
50 ohms resistance in series with 25 ohms capacitive reactance
25 ohms resistance in series with 50 ohms inductive reactance
25 ohms resistance in series with 50 ohms capacitive reactance


What toxic material may be present in some electronic components such as high voltage capacitors and transformers?

Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Polymorphic silicon


What describes frequency division multiplexing?

The transmitted signal jumps from band to band at a predetermined rate
Two or more information streams are merged into a baseband, which then modulates the transmitter
The transmitted signal is divided into packets of information
Two or more information streams are merged into a digital combiner, which then pulse position modulates the transmitter


How does the performance of a horizontally polarized antenna mounted on the side of a hill compare with the same antenna mounted on flat ground?

The main lobe takeoff angle increases in the downhill direction
The main lobe takeoff angle decreases in the downhill direction
The horizontal beam width decreases in the downhill direction
The horizontal beam width increases in the uphill direction


What absolute voltage gain can be expected from the circuit in Figure E7-4 when R1 is 1800 ohms and RF is 68 kilohms?

Circuit Diagram


Which of the following factors determines ground losses for a ground-mounted vertical antenna operating in the 3 MHz to 30 MHz range?

The standing wave ratio
Distance from the transmitter
Soil conductivity
Take-off angle


What is the purpose of a low pass filter used in conjunction with a digital-to-analog converter?

Lower the input bandwidth to increase the effective resolution
Improve accuracy by removing out of sequence codes from the input
Remove harmonics from the output caused by the discrete analog levels generated
All of these choices are correct


What information is contained in the lookup table of a direct digital frequency synthesizer?

The phase relationship between a reference oscillator and the output waveform
The amplitude values that represent a sine-wave output
The phase relationship between a voltage-controlled oscillator and the output waveform
The synthesizer frequency limits and frequency values stored in the radio memories


In Figure E6-2, what is the schematic symbol for an N-channel dual-gate MOSFET?

Circuit Diagram


What core material property determines the inductance of a toroidal inductor?

Thermal impedance


What is the term for the ratio of the actual speed at which a signal travels through a transmission line to the speed of light in a vacuum?

Velocity factor
Characteristic impedance
Surge impedance
Standing wave ratio


What technology is used to track, in real time, balloons carrying amateur radio transmitters?

Bandwidth compressed LORAN
Doppler shift of beacon signals


What type of antenna pattern over real ground is shown in Figure E9-2?

Radiation resistance
Circuit Diagram


What type of energy is stored in an electromagnetic or electrostatic field?

Electromechanical energy
Potential energy
Thermodynamic energy
Kinetic energy


Which of the following is often determined using a Smith chart?

Beam headings and radiation patterns
Satellite azimuth and elevation bearings
Impedance and SWR values in transmission lines
Trigonometric functions


Which of the following measurements is characteristic of a mismatched transmission line?

An SWR less than 1:1
A reflection coefficient greater than 1
A dielectric constant greater than 1
An SWR greater than 1:1


What does a third-order intercept level of 40 dBm mean with respect to receiver performance?

Signals less than 40 dBm will not generate audible third-order intermodulation products
The receiver can tolerate signals up to 40 dB above the noise floor without producing third-order intermodulation products
A pair of 40 dBm signals will theoretically generate a third-order intermodulation product with the same level as the input signals
A pair of 1 mW input signals will produce a third-order intermodulation product which is 40 dB stronger than the input signal


What is one way a single-sideband phone signal can be generated?

By using a balanced modulator followed by a filter
By using a reactance modulator followed by a mixer
By using a loop modulator followed by a mixer
By driving a product detector with a DSB signal


Which of the following portions of a receiver can be effective in eliminating image signal interference?

A front-end filter or pre-selector
A narrow IF filter
A notch filter
A properly adjusted product detector


Where must the carrier frequency of a CW signal be set to comply with FCC rules for 60 meter operation?

At the lowest frequency of the channel
At the center frequency of the channel
At the highest frequency of the channel
On any frequency where the signal's sidebands are within the channel


Which of the following best describes the term self-spotting in regards to HF contest operating?

The generally prohibited practice of posting one's own call sign and frequency on a spotting network
The acceptable practice of manually posting the call signs of stations on a spotting network
A manual technique for rapidly zero beating or tuning to a station's frequency before calling that station
An automatic method for rapidly zero beating or tuning to a station's frequency before calling that station