Technician Class Practice Test

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What formula is used to calculate resistance in a circuit?

Resistance (R) equals voltage (E) multiplied by current (I)
Resistance (R) equals voltage (E) divided by current (I)
Resistance (R) equals voltage (E) added to current (I)
Resistance (R) equals voltage (E) minus current (I)


What is the correct way to connect a voltmeter to a circuit?

In series with the circuit
In parallel with the circuit
In quadrature with the circuit
In phase with the circuit


Are amateur station control operators ever permitted to operate outside the frequency privileges of their license class?

Yes, but only when part of a FEMA emergency plan
Yes, but only when part of a RACES emergency plan
Yes, but only if necessary in situations involving the immediate safety of human life or protection of property


What should you do if another operator reports that your station's 2 meter signals were strong just a moment ago, but now they are weak or distorted?

Change the batteries in your radio to a different type
Turn on the CTCSS tone
Ask the other operator to adjust his squelch control
Try moving a few feet or changing the direction of your antenna if possible, as reflections may be causing multi-path distortion


Which of the following electronic components can amplify signals?

Variable resistor
Electrolytic capacitor
Multi-cell battery


Where is an RF preamplifier installed?

Between the antenna and receiver
At the output of the transmitter's power amplifier
Between a transmitter and antenna tuner
At the receiver's audio output


What is the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)?

An agency of the United States Department of Telecommunications Management
A United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues
An independent frequency coordination agency
A department of the FCC


What mode is responsible for allowing over-the-horizon VHF and UHF communications to ranges of approximately 300 miles on a regular basis?

Tropospheric ducting
D layer refraction
F2 layer refraction
Faraday rotation


How is access to some IRLP nodes accomplished?

By obtaining a password that is sent via voice to the node
By using DTMF signals
By entering the proper internet password
By using CTCSS tone codes


Which of the following is a resonant or tuned circuit?

An inductor and a capacitor connected in series or parallel to form a filter
A type of voltage regulator
A resistor circuit used for reducing standing wave ratio
A circuit designed to provide high-fidelity audio


Which of the following is true of PL-259 type coax connectors?

They are preferred for microwave operation
They are watertight
They are commonly used at HF frequencies
They are a bayonet type connector


What mode of transmission is commonly used by amateur radio satellites?

All of these choices are correct


Which of the following controls could be used if the voice pitch of a single-sideband signal seems too high or low?

The AGC or limiter
The bandwidth selection
The tone squelch
The receiver RIT or clarifier


Which of the following conductors provides the lowest impedance to RF signals?

Round stranded wire
Round copper-clad steel wire
Twisted-pair cable
Flat strap


What frequency range is referred to as HF?

300 to 3000 MHz
30 to 300 MHz
3 to 30 MHz
300 to 3000 kHz


What is the unit of electromotive force?

The volt
The watt
The ampere
The ohm


What is the primary purpose of a dummy load?

To prevent transmitting signals over the air when making tests
To prevent over-modulation of a transmitter
To improve the efficiency of an antenna
To improve the signal-to-noise ratio of a receiver


If your license has expired and is still within the allowable grace period, may you continue to operate a transmitter on Amateur Radio Service frequencies?

No, transmitting is not allowed until the FCC license database shows that the license has been renewed
Yes, but only if you identify using the suffix GP
Yes, but only during authorized nets
Yes, for up to two years


Which of the following is a requirement for the issuance of a club station license grant?

The trustee must have an Amateur Extra class operator license grant
The club must have at least four members
The club must be registered with the American Radio Relay League
All of these choices are correct


Why is duty cycle one of the factors used to determine safe RF radiation exposure levels?

It affects the average exposure of people to radiation
It affects the peak exposure of people to radiation
It takes into account the antenna feed line loss
It takes into account the thermal effects of the final amplifier


Which of the following describes a simple dipole oriented parallel to the Earth's surface?

A ground-wave antenna
A horizontally polarized antenna
A rhombic antenna
A vertically polarized antenna


What can happen if a lead-acid storage battery is charged or discharged too quickly?

The battery could overheat, give off flammable gas, or explode
The voltage can become reversed
The memory effect will reduce the capacity of the battery
All of these choices are correct


What is proof of possession of an FCC-issued operator/primary license grant?

A printed operator/primary station license issued by the FCC must be displayed at the transmitter site
The control operator must have an operator/primary station license in his or her possession when in control of a transmitter
The control operator's operator/primary station license must appear in the FCC ULS consolidated licensee database
All of these choices are correct


What code is used when sending CW in the amateur bands?

International Morse
All of these choices are correct


What is the approximate maximum bandwidth required to transmit a CW signal?

2.4 kHz
150 Hz
1000 Hz
15 kHz


What is the national calling frequency for FM simplex operations in the 2 meter band?

146.520 MHz
145.000 MHz
432.100 MHz
446.000 MHz


What might be a problem if you receive a report that your audio signal through the repeater is distorted or unintelligible?

Your transmitter is slightly off frequency
Your batteries are running low
You are in a bad location
All of these choices are correct


What, if any, are the restrictions concerning transmission of language that may be considered indecent or obscene?

The FCC maintains a list of words that are not permitted to be used on amateur frequencies
Any such language is prohibited
The ITU maintains a list of words that are not permitted to be used on amateur frequencies
There is no such prohibition


A radio wave is made up of what type of energy?



What is component 4 in figure T3?

Dummy load
Circuit Diagram


How can you join a digital repeater's "talk group"?

Register your radio with the local FCC office
Join the repeater owner's club
Program your radio with the group's ID or code
Sign your call after the courtesy tone


How many volts are equal to one microvolt?

One one-millionth of a volt
One million volts
One thousand kilovolts
One one-thousandth of a volt


When is an amateur station permitted to transmit without a control operator?

When using automatic control, such as in the case of a repeater
When the station licensee is away and another licensed amateur is using the station
When the transmitting station is an auxiliary station


Which of the following battery types is not rechargeable?



What is a good precaution to observe before climbing an antenna tower?

Make sure that you wear a grounded wrist strap
Remove all tower grounding connections
Put on a carefully inspected climbing harness (fall arrester) and safety glasses
All of these choices are correct