Technician Class Practice Test

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What is the basic unit of capacitance?

The farad
The ohm
The volt
The henry


What is the grace period following the expiration of an amateur license within which the license may be renewed?

Two years
Three years
Five years
Ten years


What describes the number of times per second that an alternating current makes a complete cycle?

Pulse rate


What is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)?

Licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service
Licensed amateurs who are members of the military and who voluntarily agreed to provide message handling services in the case of an emergency
A training program that provides licensing courses for those interested in obtaining an amateur license to use during emergencies
A training program that certifies amateur operators for membership in the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service


What type of tones are used to control repeaters linked by the Internet Relay Linking Project (IRLP) protocol?



How would you change a dipole antenna to make it resonant on a higher frequency?

Lengthen it
Insert coils in series with radiating wires
Shorten it
Add capacitive loading to the ends of the radiating wires


How does RF radiation differ from ionizing radiation (radioactivity)?

RF radiation does not have sufficient energy to cause genetic damage
RF radiation can only be detected with an RF dosimeter
RF radiation is limited in range to a few feet
RF radiation is perfectly safe


What electrical component stores energy in an electric field?



What causes tropospheric ducting?

Discharges of lightning during electrical storms
Sunspots and solar flares
Updrafts from hurricanes and tornadoes
Temperature inversions in the atmosphere


Which of the following best describes Broadband-Hamnet (TM), also referred to as a high-speed multi-media network?

An amateur-radio-based data network using commercial Wi-Fi gear with modified firmware
A wide-bandwidth digital voice mode employing DRM protocols
A satellite communications network using modified commercial satellite TV hardware
An internet linking protocol used to network repeaters


When may amateur radio operators use their stations to notify other amateurs of the availability of equipment for sale or trade?

When the equipment is normally used in an amateur station and such activity is not conducted on a regular basis
When the asking price is $100.00 or less
When the asking price is less than its appraised value
When the equipment is not the personal property of either the station licensee or the control operator or their close relatives


When is an amateur station permitted to transmit without a control operator?

When using automatic control, such as in the case of a repeater
When the station licensee is away and another licensed amateur is using the station
When the transmitting station is an auxiliary station


What is component 3 in figure T3?

Variable capacitor
Variable inductor
Circuit Diagram


What is the current in a circuit with an applied voltage of 120 volts and a resistance of 80 ohms?

9600 amperes
200 amperes
0.667 amperes
1.5 amperes


Which term describes the ability of a receiver to discriminate between multiple signals?

Discrimination ratio
Harmonic distortion


What is a way to enable quick access to a favorite frequency on your transceiver?

Enable the CTCSS tones
Store the frequency in a memory channel
Disable the CTCSS tones
Use the scan mode to select the desired frequency


What is the characteristic appearance of a cold solder joint?

Dark black spots
A bright or shiny surface
A grainy or dull surface
A greenish tint


What is the maximum peak envelope power output for Technician class operators using their assigned portions of the HF bands?

200 watts
100 watts
50 watts
10 watts


What is the approximate bandwidth of a VHF repeater FM phone signal?

Less than 500 Hz
About 150 kHz
Between 10 and 15 kHz
Between 50 and 125 kHz


What, in general terms, is standing wave ratio (SWR)?

A measure of how well a load is matched to a transmission line
The ratio of high to low impedance in a feed line
The transmitter efficiency ratio
An indication of the quality of your station's ground connection


How many volts are equal to one microvolt?

One one-millionth of a volt
One million volts
One thousand kilovolts
One one-thousandth of a volt


Which of the following is commonly used as a visual indicator?

Zener diode
Bipolar transistor


What causes spin fading of satellite signals?

Circular polarized noise interference radiated from the sun
Rotation of the satellite and its antennas
Doppler shift of the received signal
Interfering signals within the satellite uplink band


What must be considered to determine the minimum current capacity needed for a transceiver power supply?

Efficiency of the transmitter at full power output
Receiver and control circuit power
Power supply regulation and heat dissipation
All of these choices are correct


What is the formula for converting frequency to approximate wavelength in meters?

Wavelength in meters equals frequency in hertz multiplied by 300
Wavelength in meters equals frequency in hertz divided by 300
Wavelength in meters equals frequency in megahertz divided by 300
Wavelength in meters equals 300 divided by frequency in megahertz


Why is coaxial cable the most common feed line selected for amateur radio antenna systems?

It is easy to use and requires few special installation considerations
It has less loss than any other type of feed line
It can handle more power than any other type of feed line
It is less expensive than any other type of feed line


What must be done before you may use the EchoLink system to communicate using a repeater?

You must complete the required EchoLink training
You must have purchased a license to use the EchoLink software
You must be sponsored by a current EchoLink user
You must register your call sign and provide proof of license


Which of the following formats of a self-assigned indicator is acceptable when identifying using a phone transmission?

KL7CC stroke W3
KL7CC slant W3
KL7CC slash W3
All of these choices are correct


When using a directional antenna, how might your station be able to access a distant repeater if buildings or obstructions are blocking the direct line of sight path?

Change from vertical to horizontal polarization
Try to find a path that reflects signals to the repeater
Try the long path
Increase the antenna SWR


Which of the following components can consist of three layers of semiconductor material?

Pentagrid converter


When is willful interference to other amateur radio stations permitted?

To stop another amateur station which is breaking the FCC rules
At no time
When making short test transmissions
At any time, stations in the Amateur Radio Service are not protected from willful interference


What is considered to be a proper grounding method for a tower?

A single four-foot ground rod, driven into the ground no more than 12 inches from the base
A ferrite-core RF choke connected between the tower and ground
Separate eight-foot long ground rods for each tower leg, bonded to the tower and each other
A connection between the tower base and a cold water pipe


Which of the following is required when making on-the-air test transmissions?

Identify the transmitting station
Conduct tests only between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. local time
Notify the FCC of the transmissions
All of these choices are correct


What should you do if something in a neighbor's home is causing harmful interference to your amateur station?

Work with your neighbor to identify the offending device
Politely inform your neighbor about the rules that prohibit the use of devices that cause interference
Check your station and make sure it meets the standards of good amateur practice
All of these choices are correct


Which of these precautions should be taken when installing devices for lightning protection in a coaxial cable feed line?

Include a parallel bypass switch for each protector so that it can be switched out of the circuit when running high power
Include a series switch in the ground line of each protector to prevent RF overload from inadvertently damaging the protector
Keep the ground wires from each protector separate and connected to station ground
Mount all of the protectors on a metal plate that is in turn connected to an external ground rod