General Class Practice Test

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Which of the following can be adjusted to optimize forward gain, front-to-back ratio, or SWR bandwidth of a Yagi antenna?

The physical length of the boom
The number of elements on the boom
The spacing of each element along the boom
All these choices are correct


Which of the following describes the construction of a MOSFET?

The gate is formed by a back-biased junction
The gate is separated from the channel with a thin insulating layer
The source is separated from the drain by a thin insulating layer
The source is formed by depositing metal on silicon


What does LUF stand for?

The Lowest Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Longest Universal Function for communications between two points
The Lowest Usable Frequency during a 24-hour period
The Longest Universal Function during a 24-hour period


What determines the performance of a ferrite core at different frequencies?

Its conductivity
Its thickness
The composition, or "mix," of materials used
The ratio of outer diameter to inner diameter


Which of the following is a requirement for administering a Technician class license examination?

At least three General class or higher VEs must observe the examination
At least two General class or higher VEs must be present
At least two General class or higher VEs must be present, but only one need be Amateur Extra class
At least three VEs of Technician class or higher must observe the examination


What is indicated on a waterfall display by one or more vertical lines on either side of a digital signal?

Long path propagation
Backscatter propagation
Insufficient modulation


What technique helps to minimize RF "hot spots" in an amateur station?

Building all equipment in a metal enclosure
Using surge suppressor power outlets
Bonding all equipment enclosures together
Low-pass filters on all feed lines


How does a capacitor react to AC?

As the frequency of the applied AC increases, the reactance decreases
As the frequency of the applied AC increases, the reactance increases
As the amplitude of the applied AC increases, the reactance increases
As the amplitude of the applied AC increases, the reactance decreases


What is the relationship between transmitted symbol rate and bandwidth?

Symbol rate and bandwidth are not related
Higher symbol rates require wider bandwidth
Lower symbol rates require wider bandwidth
Bandwidth is always half the symbol rate


Which of the following best describes the radiation pattern of a quarter-wave, ground-plane vertical antenna?

Bi-directional in azimuth
Omnidirectional in azimuth


Which of the following frequencies is within the General class portion of the 15-meter band?

14250 kHz
18155 kHz
21300 kHz
24900 kHz


What is a reason why many amateurs keep a station log?

The ITU requires a log of all international contacts
The ITU requires a log of all international third-party traffic
The log provides evidence of operation needed to renew a license without retest
To help with a reply if the FCC requests information


What is the output PEP from a transmitter if an oscilloscope measures 500 volts peak-to-peak across a 50 ohm resistive load connected to the transmitter output?

8.75 watts
625 watts
2500 watts
5000 watts


What is the reason for neutralizing the final amplifier stage of a transmitter?

To limit the modulation index
To eliminate self-oscillations
To cut off the final amplifier during standby periods
To keep the carrier on frequency


What is the modulation envelope of an AM signal?

The waveform created by connecting the peak values of the modulated signal
The carrier frequency that contains the signal
Spurious signals that envelop nearby frequencies
The bandwidth of the modulated signal


What is the standard sideband used to generate a JT65, JT9, or FT8 digital signal when using AFSK in any amateur band?



What is the feed-point impedance of an end-fed half-wave antenna?

Very low
Approximately 50 ohms
Approximately 300 ohms
Very high


What is required to conduct communications with a digital station operating under automatic control outside the automatic control band segments?

The station initiating the contact must be under local or remote control
The interrogating transmission must be made by another automatically controlled station
No third-party traffic may be transmitted
The control operator of the interrogating station must hold an Amateur Extra Class license


What frequency range is occupied by a 3 kHz USB signal with the displayed carrier frequency set to 14.347 MHz?

14.347 to 14.647 MHz
14.347 to 14.350 MHz
14.344 to 14.347 MHz
14.3455 to 14.3485 MHz


What is an advantage of using I and Q signals in software-defined radios (SDRs)?

The need for high resolution analog-to-digital converters is eliminated
All types of modulation can be created with appropriate processing
Minimum detectible signal level is reduced
Converting the signal from digital to analog creates mixing products


What is the turns ratio of a transformer used to match an audio amplifier having 600 ohm output impedance to a speaker having 4 ohm impedance?

12.2 to 1
24.4 to 1
150 to 1
300 to 1


What does the Q signal "QSL" mean?

Send slower
We have already confirmed by card
I acknowledge receipt
We have worked before


When is an amateur station allowed to use any means at its disposal to assist another station in distress?

Only when transmitting in RACES
At any time when transmitting in an organized net
At any time during an actual emergency
Only on authorized HF frequencies


Who or what determines "good engineering and good amateur practice," as applied to the operation of an amateur station in all respects not covered by the Part 97 rules?

The control operator


What problem can occur when making measurements on an antenna system with an antenna analyzer?

Permanent damage to the analyzer may occur if it is operated into a high SWR
Strong signals from nearby transmitters can affect the accuracy of measurements
The analyzer can be damaged if measurements outside the ham bands are attempted
Connecting the analyzer to an antenna can cause it to absorb harmonics


What is the approximate open-circuit voltage from a fully illuminated silicon photovoltaic cell?

0.02 VDC
0.5 VDC
0.2 VDC
1.38 VDC


Which of the following limitations apply to transmitter power on every amateur band?

Only the minimum power necessary to carry out the desired communications should be used
Power must be limited to 200 watts when using data transmissions
Power should be limited as necessary to avoid interference to another radio service on the frequency
Effective radiated power cannot exceed 1500 watts


How are radio communications usually affected by the charged particles that reach Earth from solar coronal holes?

HF communications are improved
HF communications are disturbed
VHF/UHF ducting is improved
VHF/UHF ducting is disturbed


Which symbol in figure G7-1 represents an NPN junction transistor?

Symbol 1
Symbol 2
Symbol 7
Symbol 11
Circuit Diagram


What might cause reflected power at the point where a feed line connects to an antenna?

Operating an antenna at its resonant frequency
Using more transmitter power than the antenna can handle
A difference between feed-line impedance and antenna feed-point impedance
Feeding the antenna with unbalanced feed line


Which sideband is most commonly used for voice communications on frequencies of 14 MHz or higher?

Upper sideband
Lower sideband
Vestigial sideband
Double sideband


Why are HF scatter signals in the skip zone usually weak?

Only a small part of the signal energy is scattered into the skip zone
Signals are scattered from the magnetosphere, which is not a good reflector
Propagation is through ground waves, which absorb most of the signal energy
Propagation is through ducts in the F region, which absorb most of the energy


What is one advantage of selecting the opposite, or "reverse," sideband when receiving CW signals on a typical HF transceiver?

Interference from impulse noise will be eliminated
More stations can be accommodated within a given signal passband
It may be possible to reduce or eliminate interference from other signals
Accidental out-of-band operation can be prevented


Which wire or wires in a four-conductor connection should be attached to fuses or circuit breakers in a device operated from a 240 VAC single phase source?

Only the two wires carrying voltage
Only the neutral wire
Only the ground wire
All wires


What type of instrument can be used to accurately measure an RF field?

A receiver with an S meter
A calibrated field strength meter with a calibrated antenna
An SWR meter with a peak-reading function
An oscilloscope with a high-stability crystal marker generator