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What is meant by the terms dBi and dBd when referring to antenna gain?

dBi refers to an isotropic antenna, dBd refers to a dipole antenna
dBi refers to an ionospheric reflecting antenna, dBd refers to a dissipative antenna
dBi refers to an inverted-vee antenna, dBd refers to a downward reflecting antenna
dBi refers to an isometric antenna, dBd refers to a discone antenna


What is QRP operation?

Remote piloted model control
Low-power transmit operation
Transmission using Quick Response Protocol
Traffic relay procedure net operation


What is the standard sideband used to generate a JT65, JT9, or FT8 digital signal when using AFSK in any amateur band?



What is the purpose of an electronic keyer?

Automatic transmit/receive switching
Automatic generation of strings of dots and dashes for CW operation
VOX operation
Computer interface for PSK and RTTY operation


What are the stable operating points for a bipolar transistor used as a switch in a logic circuit?

Its saturation and cutoff regions
Its active region (between the cutoff and saturation regions)
Its peak and valley current points
Its enhancement and depletion modes


What is the frequency deviation for a 12.21 MHz reactance modulated oscillator in a 5 kHz deviation, 146.52 MHz FM phone transmitter?

101.75 Hz
416.7 Hz
5 kHz
60 kHz


What might cause reflected power at the point where a feed line connects to an antenna?

Operating an antenna at its resonant frequency
Using more transmitter power than the antenna can handle
A difference between feed-line impedance and antenna feed-point impedance
Feeding the antenna with unbalanced feed line


What is a practical way to avoid harmful interference on an apparently clear frequency before calling CQ on CW or phone?

Send "QRL?" on CW, followed by your call sign; or, if using phone, ask if the frequency is in use, followed by your call sign
Listen for 2 minutes before calling CQ
Send the letter "V" in Morse code several times and listen for a response, or say "test" several times and listen for a response
Send "QSY" on CW or if using phone, announce "the frequency is in use," then give your call sign and listen for a response


What is an instance in which the use of an instrument with analog readout may be preferred over an instrument with digital readout?

When testing logic circuits
When high precision is desired
When measuring the frequency of an oscillator
When adjusting tuned circuits


What is the primary use of a Beverage antenna?

Directional receiving for low HF bands
Directional transmitting for low HF bands
Portable direction finding at higher HF frequencies
Portable direction finding at lower HF frequencies


How is the efficiency of an RF power amplifier determined?

Divide the DC input power by the DC output power
Divide the RF output power by the DC input power
Multiply the RF input power by the reciprocal of the RF output power
Add the RF input power to the DC output power


Which ionospheric layer is closest to the surface of Earth?

The D layer
The E layer
The F1 layer
The F2 layer


Which of the following describes full break-in telegraphy (QSK)?

Breaking stations send the Morse code prosign "BK"
Automatic keyers, instead of hand keys, are used to send Morse code
An operator must activate a manual send/receive switch before and after every transmission
Transmitting stations can receive between code characters and elements


What percentage of power loss would result from a transmission line loss of 1 dB?

10.9 percent
12.2 percent
20.6 percent
25.9 percent


Why do most amateur stations use lower sideband on the 160-meter, 75-meter, and 40-meter bands?

Lower sideband is more efficient than upper sideband at these frequencies
Lower sideband is the only sideband legal on these frequency bands
Because it is fully compatible with an AM detector
It is good amateur practice


What measurement is specified by FCC rules that regulate maximum power output?



What type of modulation varies the instantaneous power level of the RF signal?

Frequency shift keying
Phase modulation
Frequency modulation
Amplitude modulation


What useful feature does a power supply bleeder resistor provide?

It acts as a fuse for excess voltage
It ensures that the filter capacitors are discharged when power is removed
It removes shock hazards from the induction coils
It eliminates ground loop current


What are the restrictions on the use of abbreviations or procedural signals in the Amateur Service?

Only "Q" signals are permitted
They may be used if they do not obscure the meaning of a message
They are not permitted
Only "10 codes" are permitted


Which of the following is a characteristic of a liquid crystal display?

It utilizes ambient or back lighting
It offers a wide dynamic range
It consumes relatively high power
It has relatively short lifetime


Under what circumstances are messages that are sent via digital modes exempt from Part 97 third-party rules that apply to other modes of communication?

Under no circumstances
When messages are encrypted
When messages are not encrypted
When under automatic control


Which of the following components increases the total resistance of a resistor?

A parallel resistor
A series resistor
A series capacitor
A parallel capacitor


What must you do when powering your house from an emergency generator?

Disconnect the incoming utility power feed
Insure that the generator is not grounded
Insure that all lightning grounds are disconnected
All these choices are correct


Which digital mode is used as a low-power beacon for assessing HF propagation?



What does LUF stand for?

The Lowest Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Longest Universal Function for communications between two points
The Lowest Usable Frequency during a 24-hour period
The Longest Universal Function during a 24-hour period


What is the purpose of a corona ball on an HF mobile antenna?

To narrow the operating bandwidth of the antenna
To increase the "Q" of the antenna
To reduce the chance of damage if the antenna should strike an object
To reduce RF voltage discharge from the tip of the antenna while transmitting


What is the radiation pattern of a dipole antenna in free space in a plane containing the conductor?

It is a figure-eight at right angles to the antenna
It is a figure-eight off both ends of the antenna
It is a circle (equal radiation in all directions)
It has a pair of lobes on one side of the antenna and a single lobe on the other side


What is the significance of the sunspot number with regard to HF propagation?

Higher sunspot numbers generally indicate a greater probability of good propagation at higher frequencies
Lower sunspot numbers generally indicate greater probability of sporadic E propagation
A zero sunspot number indicates that radio propagation is not possible on any band
A zero sunspot number indicates undisturbed conditions


Which of the following frequencies is within the General class portion of the 75-meter phone band?

1875 kHz
3750 kHz
3900 kHz
4005 kHz


What precaution should be taken when installing a ground-mounted antenna?

It should not be installed higher than you can reach
It should not be installed in a wet area
It should be limited to 10 feet in height
It should be installed such that it is protected against unauthorized access


Which of the following describes how a speech processor affects a transmitted single sideband phone signal?

It increases peak power
It increases average power
It reduces harmonic distortion
It reduces intermodulation distortion


What is impedance?

The electric charge stored by a capacitor
The inverse of resistance
The opposition to the flow of current in an AC circuit
The force of repulsion between two similar electric fields


What term specifies a filter's maximum ability to reject signals outside its passband?

Notch depth
Insertion loss
Ultimate rejection


Which of the following is a requirement for administering a Technician class license examination?

At least three General class or higher VEs must observe the examination
At least two General class or higher VEs must be present
At least two General class or higher VEs must be present, but only one need be Amateur Extra class
At least three VEs of Technician class or higher must observe the examination


Which of the following is an advantage of a receiver DSP IF filter as compared to an analog filter?

A wide range of filter bandwidths and shapes can be created
Fewer digital components are required
Mixing products are greatly reduced
The DSP filter is much more effective at VHF frequencies