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What is an advantage of using I and Q signals in software-defined radios (SDRs)?

The need for high resolution analog-to-digital converters is eliminated
All types of modulation can be created with appropriate processing
Minimum detectible signal level is reduced
Converting the signal from digital to analog creates mixing products


What is indicated on a waterfall display by one or more vertical lines on either side of a digital signal?

Long path propagation
Backscatter propagation
Insufficient modulation


How does a capacitor react to AC?

As the frequency of the applied AC increases, the reactance decreases
As the frequency of the applied AC increases, the reactance increases
As the amplitude of the applied AC increases, the reactance increases
As the amplitude of the applied AC increases, the reactance decreases


What emission is produced by a reactance modulator connected to a transmitter RF amplifier stage?

Multiplex modulation
Phase modulation
Amplitude modulation
Pulse modulation


Why is the F2 region mainly responsible for the longest distance radio wave propagation?

Because it is the densest ionospheric layer
Because of the Doppler effect
Because it is the highest ionospheric region
Because of meteor trails at that level


What frequency should be used to send a distress call?

Whichever frequency has the best chance of communicating the distress message
Only frequencies authorized for RACES or ARES stations
Only frequencies that are within your operating privileges
Only frequencies used by police, fire, or emergency medical services


What type of device is often used to match transmitter output impedance to an impedance not equal to 50 ohms?

Balanced modulator
SWR bridge
Antenna coupler or antenna tuner
Q multiplier


What is the approximate junction threshold voltage of a conventional silicon diode?

0.1 volt
0.3 volts
0.7 volts
1.0 volts


What does the Q signal "QRN" mean?

Send more slowly
Stop sending
Zero beat my signal
I am troubled by static


What is the total resistance of three 100 ohm resistors in parallel?

0.30 ohms
0.33 ohms
33.3 ohms
300 ohms


What signal source is connected to the vertical input of an oscilloscope when checking the RF envelope pattern of a transmitted signal?

The local oscillator of the transmitter
An external RF oscillator
The transmitter balanced mixer output
The attenuated RF output of the transmitter


On which HF/MF bands is a General class license holder granted all amateur frequency privileges?

60 meters, 20 meters, 17 meters, and 12 meters
160 meters, 80 meters, 40 meters, and 10 meters
160 meters, 60 meters, 30 meters, 17 meters, 12 meters, and 10 meters
160 meters, 30 meters, 17 meters, 15 meters, 12 meters, and 10 meters


What measurement is specified by FCC rules that regulate maximum power output?



Which of the following applies when selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF?

Select a frequency just below the MUF
Select a frequency just above the LUF
Select a frequency just below the critical frequency
Select a frequency just above the critical frequency


Which of the following factors determine the characteristic impedance of a parallel conductor antenna feed line?

The distance between the centers of the conductors and the radius of the conductors
The distance between the centers of the conductors and the length of the line
The radius of the conductors and the frequency of the signal
The frequency of the signal and the length of the line


Which of the following might be useful in reducing RF interference to audio frequency devices?

Bypass inductor
Bypass capacitor
Forward-biased diode
Reverse-biased diode


What is the purpose of a speech processor as used in a modern transceiver?

Increase the intelligibility of transmitted phone signals during poor conditions
Increase transmitter bass response for more natural-sounding SSB signals
Prevent distortion of voice signals
Decrease high-frequency voice output to prevent out-of-band operation


How does the total current relate to the individual currents in each branch of a purely resistive parallel circuit?

It equals the average of each branch current
It decreases as more parallel branches are added to the circuit
It equals the sum of the currents through each branch
It is the sum of the reciprocal of each individual voltage drop


Why should an amateur operator normally avoid transmitting on 14.100, 18.110, 21.150, 24. 930 and 28.200 MHz?

A system of propagation beacon stations operates on those frequencies
A system of automatic digital stations operates on those frequencies
These frequencies are set aside for emergency operations
These frequencies are set aside for bulletins from the FCC


What is the reason that a series diode is connected between a solar panel and a storage battery that is being charged by the panel?

The diode serves to regulate the charging voltage to prevent overcharge
The diode prevents self-discharge of the battery through the panel during times of low or no illumination
The diode limits the current flowing from the panel to a safe value
The diode greatly increases the efficiency during times of high illumination


Which of the following properties is important in estimating whether an RF signal exceeds the maximum permissible exposure (MPE)?

Its duty cycle
Its frequency
Its power density
All these choices are correct


What configuration of the loops of a two-element quad antenna must be used for the antenna to operate as a beam antenna, assuming one of the elements is used as a reflector?

The driven element must be fed with a balun transformer
There must be an open circuit in the driven element at the point opposite the feed point
The reflector element must be approximately 5 percent shorter than the driven element
The reflector element must be approximately 5 percent longer than the driven element


Which of the following is an advantage when using single sideband, as compared to other analog voice modes on the HF amateur bands?

Very high fidelity voice modulation
Less subject to interference from atmospheric static crashes
Ease of tuning on receive and immunity to impulse noise
Less bandwidth used and greater power efficiency


How is a directional antenna pointed when making a "long-path" contact with another station?

Toward the rising sun
Along the grayline
180 degrees from the station's short-path heading
Toward the north


What is the radiation pattern of a dipole antenna in free space in a plane containing the conductor?

It is a figure-eight at right angles to the antenna
It is a figure-eight off both ends of the antenna
It is a circle (equal radiation in all directions)
It has a pair of lobes on one side of the antenna and a single lobe on the other side


Which size of fuse or circuit breaker would be appropriate to use with a circuit that uses AWG number 14 wiring?

100 amperes
60 amperes
30 amperes
15 amperes


How are radio communications usually affected by the charged particles that reach Earth from solar coronal holes?

HF communications are improved
HF communications are disturbed
VHF/UHF ducting is improved
VHF/UHF ducting is disturbed


What useful feature does a power supply bleeder resistor provide?

It acts as a fuse for excess voltage
It ensures that the filter capacitors are discharged when power is removed
It removes shock hazards from the induction coils
It eliminates ground loop current


What is a type SMA connector?

A large bayonet connector usable at power levels more than 1 KW
A small threaded connector suitable for signals up to several GHz
A connector designed for serial multiple access signals
A type of push-on connector intended for high-voltage applications


What is the maximum height above ground to which an antenna structure may be erected without requiring notification to the FAA and registration with the FCC, provided it is not at or near a public use airport?

50 feet
100 feet
200 feet
300 feet


What is the approximate bandwidth of a PACTOR-III signal at maximum data rate?

31.5 Hz
500 Hz
1800 Hz
2300 Hz


What is an advantage of vertical stacking of horizontally polarized Yagi antennas?

It allows quick selection of vertical or horizontal polarization
It allows simultaneous vertical and horizontal polarization
It narrows the main lobe in azimuth
It narrows the main lobe in elevation


What symptoms may result from other signals interfering with a PACTOR or WINMOR transmission?

Frequent retries or timeouts
Long pauses in message transmission
Failure to establish a connection between stations
All these choices are correct


When must you add the special identifier "AG" after your call sign if you are a Technician class licensee and have a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) for General class operator privileges, but the FCC has not yet posted your upgrade on its website?

Whenever you operate using General class frequency privileges
Whenever you operate on any amateur frequency
Whenever you operate using Technician frequency privileges
A special identifier is not required if your General class license application has been filed with the FCC


Which of these classes of amplifiers has the highest efficiency?

Class A
Class B
Class AB
Class C