General Class Practice Test

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Which of the following describes the construction of a MOSFET?

The gate is formed by a back-biased junction
The gate is separated from the channel with a thin insulating layer
The source is separated from the drain by a thin insulating layer
The source is formed by depositing metal on silicon


Which of the following antenna types will be most effective as a Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) antenna for short-skip communications on 40 meters during the day?

A horizontal dipole placed between 1/10 and 1/4 wavelength above the ground
A vertical antenna placed between 1/4 and 1/2 wavelength above the ground
A left-hand circularly polarized antenna
A right-hand circularly polarized antenna


What is normally meant by operating a transceiver in "split" mode?

The radio is operating at half power
The transceiver is operating from an external power source
The transceiver is set to different transmit and receive frequencies
The transmitter is emitting an SSB signal, as opposed to DSB operation


What signals are used to conduct a two-tone test?

Two audio signals of the same frequency shifted 90 degrees
Two non-harmonically related audio signals
Two swept frequency tones
Two audio frequency range square wave signals of equal amplitude


Why is it good to match receiver bandwidth to the bandwidth of the operating mode?

It is required by FCC rules
It minimizes power consumption in the receiver
It improves impedance matching of the antenna
It results in the best signal-to-noise ratio


When is an amateur station allowed to use any means at its disposal to assist another station in distress?

Only when transmitting in RACES
At any time when transmitting in an organized net
At any time during an actual emergency
Only on authorized HF frequencies


How is an FSK signal generated?

By keying an FM transmitter with a sub-audible tone
By changing an oscillator's frequency directly with a digital control signal
By using a transceiver's computer data interface protocol to change frequencies
By reconfiguring the CW keying input to act as a tone generator


What is the purpose of a power supply interlock?

To prevent unauthorized changes to the circuit that would void the manufacturer's warranty
To shut down the unit if it becomes too hot
To ensure that dangerous voltages are removed if the cabinet is opened
To shut off the power supply if too much voltage is produced


What is the significance of the sunspot number with regard to HF propagation?

Higher sunspot numbers generally indicate a greater probability of good propagation at higher frequencies
Lower sunspot numbers generally indicate greater probability of sporadic E propagation
A zero sunspot number indicates that radio propagation is not possible on any band
A zero sunspot number indicates undisturbed conditions


How long is a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) valid for exam element credit?

30 days
180 days
365 days
For as long as your current license is valid


What must be done to prevent standing waves on an antenna feed line?

The antenna feed point must be at DC ground potential
The feed line must be cut to a length equal to an odd number of electrical quarter wavelengths
The feed line must be cut to a length equal to an even number of physical half wavelengths
The antenna feed point impedance must be matched to the characteristic impedance of the feed line


How many states does a 3-bit binary counter have?



Which of the following would disqualify a third party from participating in stating a message over an amateur station?

The third party's amateur license has been revoked and not reinstated
The third party is not a U.S. citizen
The third party is a licensed amateur
The third party is speaking in a language other than English


Which of the following most limits an HF mobile installation?

Picket fencing
The wire gauge of the DC power line to the transceiver
Efficiency of the electrically short antenna
FCC rules limiting mobile output power on the 75-meter band


What does the number 31 represent in "PSK31"?

The approximate transmitted symbol rate
The version of the PSK protocol
The year in which PSK31 was invented
The number of characters that can be represented by PSK31


What is the total resistance of three 100 ohm resistors in parallel?

0.30 ohms
0.33 ohms
33.3 ohms
300 ohms


Which of the following could be a cause of interference covering a wide range of frequencies?

Not using a balun or line isolator to feed balanced antennas
Lack of rectification of the transmitter's signal in power conductors
Arcing at a poor electrical connection
Using a balun to feed an unbalanced antenna


What is Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) propagation?

Propagation near the MUF
Short distance MF or HF propagation using high elevation angles
Long path HF propagation at sunrise and sunset
Double hop propagation near the LUF


What is the output PEP from a transmitter if an oscilloscope measures 500 volts peak-to-peak across a 50 ohm resistive load connected to the transmitter output?

8.75 watts
625 watts
2500 watts
5000 watts


What is the Volunteer Monitoring Program?

Amateur volunteers who are formally enlisted to monitor the airwaves for rules violations
Amateur volunteers who conduct amateur licensing examinations
Amateur volunteers who conduct frequency coordination for amateur VHF repeaters
Amateur volunteers who use their station equipment to help civil defense organizations in times of emergency


Which of the following causes opposition to the flow of alternating current in a capacitor?



What does the Q signal "QRL?" mean?

Will you keep the frequency clear?
Are you operating full break-in? or "Can you operate full break-in?"
Are you listening only for a specific station?
Are you busy? or "Is this frequency in use?"


What does LUF stand for?

The Lowest Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Longest Universal Function for communications between two points
The Lowest Usable Frequency during a 24-hour period
The Longest Universal Function during a 24-hour period


What is meant when memory is characterized as non-volatile?

It is resistant to radiation damage
It is resistant to high temperatures
The stored information is maintained even if power is removed
The stored information cannot be changed once written


What symptoms may result from other signals interfering with a PACTOR or WINMOR transmission?

Frequent retries or timeouts
Long pauses in message transmission
Failure to establish a connection between stations
All these choices are correct


Who or what determines "good engineering and good amateur practice," as applied to the operation of an amateur station in all respects not covered by the Part 97 rules?

The control operator


What circuit is used to process signals from the RF amplifier and local oscillator then send the result to the IF filter in a superheterodyne receiver?

Balanced modulator
IF amplifier


Which type of rectifier circuit uses two diodes and a center-tapped transformer?

Full-wave bridge


Which of the following would increase the bandwidth of a Yagi antenna?

Larger-diameter elements
Closer element spacing
Loading coils in series with the element
Tapered-diameter elements


Which of the following frequencies is within the General class portion of the 15-meter band?

14250 kHz
18155 kHz
21300 kHz
24900 kHz


How does a signal that reads 20 dB over S9 compare to one that reads S9 on a receiver, assuming a properly calibrated S meter?

It is 10 times less powerful
It is 20 times less powerful
It is 20 times more powerful
It is 100 times more powerful


Which of the following is most commonly used for SSB voice communications in the VHF and UHF bands?

Upper sideband
Lower sideband
Vestigial sideband
Double sideband


What is the limit for transmitter power on the 28 MHz band for a General Class control operator?

100 watts PEP output
1000 watts PEP output
1500 watts PEP output
2000 watts PEP output


How does the feed-point impedance of a 1/2 wave dipole antenna change as the antenna is lowered below 1/4 wave above ground?

It steadily increases
It steadily decreases
It peaks at about 1/8 wavelength above ground
It is unaffected by the height above ground


What precaution should be taken when installing a ground-mounted antenna?

It should not be installed higher than you can reach
It should not be installed in a wet area
It should be limited to 10 feet in height
It should be installed such that it is protected against unauthorized access