General Class Practice Test

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What portion of the AC cycle is converted to DC by a half-wave rectifier?

90 degrees
180 degrees
270 degrees
360 degrees


What might be the problem if you receive an RF burn when touching your equipment while transmitting on an HF band, assuming the equipment is connected to a ground rod?

Flat braid rather than round wire has been used for the ground wire
Insulated wire has been used for the ground wire
The ground rod is resonant
The ground wire has high impedance on that frequency


Why is high input impedance desirable for a voltmeter?

It improves the frequency response
It decreases battery consumption in the meter
It improves the resolution of the readings
It decreases the loading on circuits being measured


What is the maximum power limit on the 60-meter band?

1500 watts PEP
10 watts RMS
ERP of 100 watts PEP with respect to a dipole
ERP of 100 watts PEP with respect to an isotropic antenna


Which of the following modes is most commonly used for voice communications on the 160-meter, 75-meter, and 40-meter bands?

Upper sideband
Lower sideband
Vestigial sideband
Double sideband


On which of the following band segments may you operate if you are a Technician class operator and have a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) for General class privileges?

Only the Technician band segments until your upgrade is posted in the FCC database
Only on the Technician band segments until your license arrives in the mail
On any General or Technician class band segment
On any General or Technician class band segment except 30 meters and 60 meters


Why is it best NOT to draw the DC power for a 100 watt HF transceiver from a vehicle's auxiliary power socket?

The socket is not wired with an RF-shielded power cable
The socket's wiring may be inadequate for the current drawn by the transceiver
The DC polarity of the socket is reversed from the polarity of modern HF transceivers
Drawing more than 50 watts from this socket could cause the engine to overheat


What dB change represents a factor of two increase or decrease in power?

Approximately 2 dB
Approximately 3 dB
Approximately 6 dB
Approximately 12 dB


According the National Electrical Code, what is the minimum wire size that may be used safely for wiring with a 20 ampere circuit breaker?

AWG number 20
AWG number 16
AWG number 12
AWG number 8


What is good amateur practice if propagation changes during a contact and you notice interference from other stations on the frequency?

Tell the interfering stations to change frequency
Report the interference to your local Amateur Auxiliary Coordinator
Attempt to resolve the interference problem with the other stations in a mutually acceptable manner
Increase power to overcome interference


Which of the following causes opposition to the flow of alternating current in a capacitor?



What is the approximate length for a 1/4 wave vertical antenna cut for 28.5 MHz?

8 feet
11 feet
16 feet
21 feet


What is the purpose of the "notch filter" found on many HF transceivers?

To restrict the transmitter voice bandwidth
To reduce interference from carriers in the receiver passband
To eliminate receiver interference from impulse noise sources
To enhance the reception of a specific frequency on a crowded band


What is the capacitance of a 20 microfarad capacitor connected in series with a 50 microfarad capacitor?

0.07 microfarads
14.3 microfarads
70 microfarads
1000 microfarads


What type of instrument can be used to accurately measure an RF field?

A receiver with an S meter
A calibrated field strength meter with a calibrated antenna
An SWR meter with a peak-reading function
An oscilloscope with a high-stability crystal marker generator


What is the stage in a VHF FM transmitter that generates a harmonic of a lower frequency signal to reach the desired operating frequency?

Reactance modulator
Pre-emphasis network


What is an advantage of the low internal resistance of nickel-cadmium batteries?

Long life
High discharge current
High voltage
Rapid recharge


When may a 10-meter repeater retransmit the 2-meter signal from a station that has a Technician class control operator?

Under no circumstances
Only if the station on 10-meters is operating under a Special Temporary Authorization allowing such retransmission
Only during an FCC-declared general state of communications emergency
Only if the 10-meter repeater control operator holds at least a General class license


Which of the following frequencies is available to a control operator holding a General class license?

28.020 MHz
28.350 MHz
28.550 MHz
All these choices are correct


When is it permissible to communicate with amateur stations in countries outside the areas administered by the Federal Communications Commission?

Only when the foreign country has a formal third-party agreement filed with the FCC
When the contact is with amateurs in any country except those whose administrations have notified the ITU that they object to such communications
When the contact is with amateurs in any country as long as the communication is conducted in English
Only when the foreign country is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union


How close to the lower edge of the phone segment should your displayed carrier frequency be when using 3 kHz wide LSB?

At least 3 kHz above the edge of the segment
At least 3 kHz below the edge of the segment
At least 1 kHz below the edge of the segment
At least 1 kHz above the edge of the segment


Which of the following describes a linear amplifier?

Any RF power amplifier used in conjunction with an amateur transceiver
An amplifier in which the output preserves the input waveform
A Class C high efficiency amplifier
An amplifier used as a frequency multiplier


What is the name of the process that changes the instantaneous frequency of an RF wave to convey information?

Frequency convolution
Frequency transformation
Frequency conversion
Frequency modulation


How does the attenuation of coaxial cable change as the frequency of the signal it is carrying increases?

Attenuation is independent of frequency
Attenuation increases
Attenuation decreases
Attenuation reaches a maximum at approximately 18 MHz


Which of the following describes a type N connector?

A moisture-resistant RF connector useful to 10 GHz
A small bayonet connector used for data circuits
A threaded connector used for hydraulic systems
An audio connector used in surround-sound installations


Why is long-distance communication on the 40-meter, 60-meter, 80-meter, and 160-meter bands more difficult during the day?

The F layer absorbs signals at these frequencies during daylight hours
The F layer is unstable during daylight hours
The D layer absorbs signals at these frequencies during daylight hours
The E layer is unstable during daylight hours


What does it mean when a CW operator sends "KN" at the end of a transmission?

Listening for novice stations
Operating full break-in
Listening only for a specific station or stations
Closing station now


How do the lengths of a three-element Yagi reflector and director compare to that of the driven element?

The reflector is longer, and the director is shorter
The reflector is shorter, and the director is longer
They are all the same length
Relative length depends on the frequency of operation


Which of the following are objectives of the Volunteer Monitoring Program?

To conduct efficient and orderly amateur licensing examinations
To encourage amateur radio operators to self-regulate and comply with the rules
To coordinate repeaters for efficient and orderly spectrum usage
To provide emergency and public safety communications


What symptoms may result from other signals interfering with a PACTOR or WINMOR transmission?

Frequent retries or timeouts
Long pauses in message transmission
Failure to establish a connection between stations
All these choices are correct


What action results from a failure to exchange information due to excessive transmission attempts when using PACTOR or WINMOR?

The checksum overflows
The connection is dropped
Packets will be routed incorrectly
Encoding reverts to the default character set


What factors affect the MUF?

Path distance and location
Time of day and season
Solar radiation and ionospheric disturbances
All these choices are correct


In which direction or directions does an electrically small loop (less than 1/3 wavelength in circumference) have nulls in its radiation pattern?

In the plane of the loop
Broadside to the loop
Broadside and in the plane of the loop
Electrically small loops are omnidirectional


What circuit is used in analog FM receivers to convert IF output signals to audio?

Product detector
Phase inverter


Which of the following effects can a geomagnetic storm have on radio propagation?

Improved high-latitude HF propagation
Degraded high-latitude HF propagation
Improved ground wave propagation
Degraded ground wave propagation