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What is the reason for neutralizing the final amplifier stage of a transmitter?

To limit the modulation index
To eliminate self-oscillations
To cut off the final amplifier during standby periods
To keep the carrier on frequency


How is a directional antenna pointed when making a "long-path" contact with another station?

Toward the rising sun
Along the grayline
180 degrees from the station's short-path heading
Toward the north


What kind of device is an integrated circuit operational amplifier?

Programmable Logic


What is the interaction between high standing wave ratio (SWR) and transmission line loss?

There is no interaction between transmission line loss and SWR
If a transmission line is lossy, high SWR will increase the loss
High SWR makes it difficult to measure transmission line loss
High SWR reduces the relative effect of transmission line loss


What is meant by the term "software-defined radio" (SDR)?

A radio in which most major signal processing functions are performed by software
A radio that provides computer interface for automatic logging of band and frequency
A radio that uses crystal filters designed using software
A computer model that can simulate performance of a radio to aid in the design process


What is a use for an antenna analyzer other than measuring the SWR of an antenna system?

Measuring the front-to-back ratio of an antenna
Measuring the turns ratio of a power transformer
Determining the impedance of coaxial cable
Determining the gain of a directional antenna


Under what circumstances are messages that are sent via digital modes exempt from Part 97 third-party rules that apply to other modes of communication?

Under no circumstances
When messages are encrypted
When messages are not encrypted
When under automatic control


What are the restrictions on the use of abbreviations or procedural signals in the Amateur Service?

Only "Q" signals are permitted
They may be used if they do not obscure the meaning of a message
They are not permitted
Only "10 codes" are permitted


In what segment of the 20-meter band are most PSK31 operations commonly found?

At the bottom of the slow-scan TV segment, near 14.230 MHz
At the top of the SSB phone segment, near 14.325 MHz
In the middle of the CW segment, near 14.100 MHz
Below the RTTY segment, near 14.070 MHz


Which HF antenna would be the best to use for minimizing interference?

A quarter-wave vertical antenna
An isotropic antenna
A directional antenna
An omnidirectional antenna


What does "time averaging" mean in reference to RF radiation exposure?

The average amount of power developed by the transmitter over a specific 24-hour period
The average time it takes RF radiation to have any long-term effect on the body
The total time of the exposure
The total RF exposure averaged over a certain time


What effect can be caused by a resonant ground connection?

Overheating of ground straps
Corrosion of the ground rod
High RF voltages on the enclosures of station equipment
A ground loop


Which of the following is a common way to adjust the feed-point impedance of a quarter wave ground-plane vertical antenna to be approximately 50 ohms?

Slope the radials upward
Slope the radials downward
Lengthen the radials
Shorten the radials


What is the RMS voltage of a sine wave with a value of 17 volts peak?

8.5 volts
12 volts
24 volts
34 volts


Which of the following amateur bands is restricted to communication only on specific channels, rather than frequency ranges?

11 meters
12 meters
30 meters
60 meters


In the PACTOR protocol, what is meant by a NAK response to a transmitted packet?

The receiver is requesting the packet be retransmitted
The receiver is reporting the packet was received without error
The receiver is busy decoding the packet
The entire file has been received correctly


Which ionospheric layer is closest to the surface of Earth?

The D layer
The E layer
The F1 layer
The F2 layer


What is the significance of the sunspot number with regard to HF propagation?

Higher sunspot numbers generally indicate a greater probability of good propagation at higher frequencies
Lower sunspot numbers generally indicate greater probability of sporadic E propagation
A zero sunspot number indicates that radio propagation is not possible on any band
A zero sunspot number indicates undisturbed conditions


How long is a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) valid for exam element credit?

30 days
180 days
365 days
For as long as your current license is valid


Which of these choices should be observed when climbing a tower using a safety belt or harness?

Never lean back and rely on the belt alone to support your weight
Confirm that the belt is rated for the weight of the climber and that it is within its allowable service life
Ensure that all heavy tools are securely fastened to the belt D-ring
All these choices are correct


Generally, who should respond to a station in the contiguous 48 states who calls "CQ DX"?

Any caller is welcome to respond
Only stations in Germany
Any stations outside the lower 48 states
Only contest stations


Which of the following applies when selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF?

Select a frequency just below the MUF
Select a frequency just above the LUF
Select a frequency just below the critical frequency
Select a frequency just above the critical frequency


What type of device is often used to match transmitter output impedance to an impedance not equal to 50 ohms?

Balanced modulator
SWR bridge
Antenna coupler or antenna tuner
Q multiplier


Which of the following describes a log periodic antenna?

Element length and spacing vary logarithmically along the boom
Impedance varies periodically as a function of frequency
Gain varies logarithmically as a function of frequency
SWR varies periodically as a function of boom length


What is the RMS voltage across a 500-turn secondary winding in a transformer if the 2250-turn primary is connected to 120 VAC?

2370 volts
540 volts
26.7 volts
5.9 volts


Which of the following describes one method of impedance matching between two AC circuits?

Insert an LC network between the two circuits
Reduce the power output of the first circuit
Increase the power output of the first circuit
Insert a circulator between the two circuits


What type of modulation is used by the FT8 digital mode?

8-tone frequency shift keying
Vestigial sideband
Amplitude compressed AM
Direct sequence spread spectrum


What does the Q signal "QRN" mean?

Send more slowly
Stop sending
Zero beat my signal
I am troubled by static


Why is the polarity of applied voltages important for polarized capacitors?

Incorrect polarity can cause the capacitor to short-circuit
Reverse voltages can destroy the dielectric layer of an electrolytic capacitor
The capacitor could overheat and explode
All these choices are correct


How close to the lower edge of the phone segment should your displayed carrier frequency be when using 3 kHz wide LSB?

At least 3 kHz above the edge of the segment
At least 3 kHz below the edge of the segment
At least 1 kHz below the edge of the segment
At least 1 kHz above the edge of the segment


What is the maximum transmitting power an amateur station may use on 10.140 MHz?

200 watts PEP output
1000 watts PEP output
1500 watts PEP output
2000 watts PEP output


What is the stage in a VHF FM transmitter that generates a harmonic of a lower frequency signal to reach the desired operating frequency?

Reactance modulator
Pre-emphasis network


What is the approximate open-circuit voltage from a fully illuminated silicon photovoltaic cell?

0.02 VDC
0.5 VDC
0.2 VDC
1.38 VDC


What is the voluntary band plan restriction for U.S. stations transmitting within the 48 contiguous states in the 50.1 to 50.125 MHz band segment?

Only contacts with stations not within the 48 contiguous states
Only contacts with other stations within the 48 contiguous states
Only digital contacts
Only SSTV contacts


Which symbol in Figure G7-1 represents a tapped inductor?

Symbol 7
Symbol 11
Symbol 6
Symbol 1
Circuit Diagram