General Class Practice Test

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When is an amateur station allowed to use any means at its disposal to assist another station in distress?

Only when transmitting in RACES
At any time when transmitting in an organized net
At any time during an actual emergency
Only on authorized HF frequencies


Which of the following is covered by the National Electrical Code?

Acceptable bandwidth limits
Acceptable modulation limits
Electrical safety inside the ham shack
RF exposure limits of the human body


What is the feed-point impedance of an end-fed half-wave antenna?

Very low
Approximately 50 ohms
Approximately 300 ohms
Very high


What happens as the noise reduction control level in a receiver is increased?

Received signals may become distorted
Received frequency may become unstable
CW signals may become severely attenuated
Received frequency may shift several kHz


Which of the following is an advantage of CMOS integrated circuits compared to TTL integrated circuits?

Low power consumption
High power handling capability
Better suited for RF amplification
Better suited for power supply regulation


What is the radiation pattern of a dipole antenna in free space in a plane containing the conductor?

It is a figure-eight at right angles to the antenna
It is a figure-eight off both ends of the antenna
It is a circle (equal radiation in all directions)
It has a pair of lobes on one side of the antenna and a single lobe on the other side


What is the relationship between transmitted symbol rate and bandwidth?

Symbol rate and bandwidth are not related
Higher symbol rates require wider bandwidth
Lower symbol rates require wider bandwidth
Bandwidth is always half the symbol rate


What is the simplest combination of stages that implement a superheterodyne receiver?

RF amplifier, detector, audio amplifier
RF amplifier, mixer, IF discriminator
HF oscillator, mixer, detector
HF oscillator, prescaler, audio amplifier


At what point in the solar cycle does the 20-meter band usually support worldwide propagation during daylight hours?

At the summer solstice
Only at the maximum point of the solar cycle
Only at the minimum point of the solar cycle
At any point in the solar cycle


Volunteer Examiners are accredited by what organization?

The Federal Communications Commission
The Universal Licensing System
A Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau


What is the maximum transmitting power an amateur station may use on 10.140 MHz?

200 watts PEP output
1000 watts PEP output
1500 watts PEP output
2000 watts PEP output


Which of the following causes opposition to the flow of alternating current in a capacitor?



Approximately how long is each side of the driven element of a quad antenna?

1/4 wavelength
1/2 wavelength
3/4 wavelength
1 wavelength


What part of a packet radio frame contains the routing and handling information?



Which of the following is an advantage of a receiver DSP IF filter as compared to an analog filter?

A wide range of filter bandwidths and shapes can be created
Fewer digital components are required
Mixing products are greatly reduced
The DSP filter is much more effective at VHF frequencies


Which of the following most limits an HF mobile installation?

Picket fencing
The wire gauge of the DC power line to the transceiver
Efficiency of the electrically short antenna
FCC rules limiting mobile output power on the 75-meter band


What happens if a signal is applied to the secondary winding of a 4:1 voltage step-down transformer instead of the primary winding?

The output voltage is multiplied by 4
The output voltage is divided by 4
Additional resistance must be added in series with the primary to prevent overload
Additional resistance must be added in parallel with the secondary to prevent overload


Which of these classes of amplifiers has the highest efficiency?

Class A
Class B
Class AB
Class C


Which sideband is most commonly used for voice communications on frequencies of 14 MHz or higher?

Upper sideband
Lower sideband
Vestigial sideband
Double sideband


What type of propagation allows signals to be heard in the transmitting station's skip zone?

Faraday rotation
Chordal hop


Which of the following frequencies is within the General class portion of the 80-meter band?

1855 kHz
2560 kHz
3560 kHz
3650 kHz


In what part of the 13-centimeter band may an amateur station communicate with non-licensed Wi-Fi stations?

Anywhere in the band
Channels 1 through 4
Channels 42 through 45
No part


With which of the following conditions must beacon stations comply?

A beacon station may not use automatic control
The frequency must be coordinated with the National Beacon Organization
The frequency must be posted on the internet or published in a national periodical
There must be no more than one beacon signal transmitting in the same band from the same station location


Which of the following describes full break-in telegraphy (QSK)?

Breaking stations send the Morse code prosign "BK"
Automatic keyers, instead of hand keys, are used to send Morse code
An operator must activate a manual send/receive switch before and after every transmission
Transmitting stations can receive between code characters and elements


What does "time averaging" mean in reference to RF radiation exposure?

The average amount of power developed by the transmitter over a specific 24-hour period
The average time it takes RF radiation to have any long-term effect on the body
The total time of the exposure
The total RF exposure averaged over a certain time


What is a characteristic of skywave signals arriving at your location by both short-path and long-path propagation?

Periodic fading approximately every 10 seconds
Signal strength increased by 3 dB
The signal might be cancelled causing severe attenuation
A slightly delayed echo might be heard


Which of the following is an effect of overmodulation?

Insufficient audio
Insufficient bandwidth
Frequency drift
Excessive bandwidth


What could be wrong if you cannot decode an RTTY or other FSK signal even though it is apparently tuned in properly?

The mark and space frequencies may be reversed
You may have selected the wrong baud rate
You may be listening on the wrong sideband
All these choices are correct


Where is an S meter found?

In a receiver
In an SWR bridge
In a transmitter
In a conductance bridge


What must be done to prevent standing waves on an antenna feed line?

The antenna feed point must be at DC ground potential
The feed line must be cut to a length equal to an odd number of electrical quarter wavelengths
The feed line must be cut to a length equal to an even number of physical half wavelengths
The antenna feed point impedance must be matched to the characteristic impedance of the feed line


Which symbol in Figure G7-1 represents a solid core transformer?

Symbol 4
Symbol 7
Symbol 6
Symbol 1
Circuit Diagram


What is an advantage of a digital voltmeter as compared to an analog voltmeter?

Better for measuring computer circuits
Better for RF measurements
Better precision for most uses
Faster response


What is the primary purpose of a screen grid in a vacuum tube?

To reduce grid-to-plate capacitance
To increase efficiency
To increase the control grid resistance
To decrease plate resistance


What skills learned during hidden transmitter hunts are of help to the Volunteer Monitoring Program?

Identification of out-of-band operation
Direction finding used to locate stations violating FCC rules
Identification of different call signs
Hunters have an opportunity to transmit on non-amateur frequencies


What is the RMS voltage of a sine wave with a value of 17 volts peak?

8.5 volts
12 volts
24 volts
34 volts