What is the direction of an ascending pass for an amateur satellite?

  1. From west to east
  2. From east to west
  3. From south to north
  4. From north to south


Which of the following occurs when a satellite is using an inverted linear transponder?

  1. Doppler shift is reduced because the uplink and downlink shifts are in opposite directions
  2. Signal position in the band is reversed
  3. Upper sideband on the uplink becomes lower sideband on the downlink, and vice versa
  4. All these choices are correct


How is the signal inverted by an inverting linear transponder?

  1. The signal is detected and remodulated on the reverse sideband
  2. The signal is passed through a non-linear filter
  3. The signal is reduced to I and Q components and the Q component is filtered out
  4. The signal is passed through a mixer and the difference rather than the sum is transmitted


What is meant by the term mode? as applied to an amateur radio satellite?

  1. Whether the satellite is in a low earth or geostationary orbit
  2. The satellite's uplink and downlink frequency bands
  3. The satellite's orientation with respect to the Earth
  4. Whether the satellite is in a polar or equatorial orbit


What do the letters in a satellite's mode designator specify?

  1. Power limits for uplink and downlink transmissions
  2. The location of the ground control station
  3. The polarization of uplink and downlink signals
  4. The uplink and downlink frequency ranges


What are Keplerian elements?

  1. Parameters that define the orbit of a satellite
  2. Phase reversing elements in a Yagi antenna
  3. High-emission heater filaments used in magnetron tubes
  4. Encrypting codes used for spread spectrum modulation


Which of the following types of signals can be relayed through a linear transponder?

  1. FM and CW
  2. SSB and SSTV
  3. PSK and packet
  4. All these choices are correct


Why should effective radiated power to a satellite that uses a linear transponder be limited?

  1. To prevent creating errors in the satellite telemetry
  2. To avoid reducing the downlink power to all other users
  3. To prevent the satellite from emitting out-of-band signals
  4. To avoid interfering with terrestrial QSOs


What do the terms L band and S band specify regarding satellite communications?

  1. The 23 centimeter and 13 centimeter bands
  2. The 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands
  3. FM and Digital Store-and-Forward systems
  4. Which sideband to use


What type of satellite appears to stay in one position in the sky?

  1. HEO
  2. Geostationary
  3. Geomagnetic
  4. LEO


What type of antenna can be used to minimize the effects of spin modulation and Faraday rotation?

  1. A linearly polarized antenna
  2. A circularly polarized antenna
  3. An isotropic antenna
  4. A log-periodic dipole array


What is the purpose of digital store-and-forward functions on an amateur radio satellite?

  1. To upload operational software for the transponder
  2. To delay download of telemetry between satellites
  3. To store digital messages in the satellite for later download by other stations
  4. To relay messages between satellites


Which of the following techniques is normally used by low Earth orbiting digital satellites to relay messages around the world?

  1. Digipeating
  2. Store-and-forward
  3. Multi-satellite relaying
  4. Node hopping