Topic G8C Quick Review Audio


On what band do amateurs share channels with the unlicensed Wi-Fi service?

  1. 432 MHz
  2. 902 MHz
  3. 2.4 GHz
  4. 10.7 GHz


Which digital mode is used as a low-power beacon for assessing HF propagation?

  1. WSPR
  2. Olivia
  3. PSK31
  4. SSB-SC


What part of a packet radio frame contains the routing and handling information?

  1. Directory
  2. Preamble
  3. Header
  4. Footer


Which of the following describes Baudot code?

  1. A 7-bit code with start, stop, and parity bits
  2. A code using error detection and correction
  3. A 5-bit code with additional start and stop bits
  4. A code using SELCAL and LISTEN


In the PACTOR protocol, what is meant by a NAK response to a transmitted packet?

  1. The receiver is requesting the packet be retransmitted
  2. The receiver is reporting the packet was received without error
  3. The receiver is busy decoding the packet
  4. The entire file has been received correctly


What action results from a failure to exchange information due to excessive transmission attempts when using PACTOR or WINMOR?

  1. The checksum overflows
  2. The connection is dropped
  3. Packets will be routed incorrectly
  4. Encoding reverts to the default character set


How does the receiving station respond to an ARQ data mode packet containing errors?

  1. It terminates the contact
  2. It requests the packet be retransmitted
  3. It sends the packet back to the transmitting station
  4. It requests a change in transmitting protocol


Which of the following statements is true about PSK31?

  1. Upper case letters are sent with more power
  2. Upper case letters use longer Varicode bit sequences and thus slow down transmission
  3. Error correction is used to ensure accurate message reception
  4. Higher power is needed as compared to RTTY for similar error rates


What does the number 31 represent in "PSK31"?

  1. The approximate transmitted symbol rate
  2. The version of the PSK protocol
  3. The year in which PSK31 was invented
  4. The number of characters that can be represented by PSK31


How does forward error correction (FEC) allow the receiver to correct errors in received data packets?

  1. By controlling transmitter output power for optimum signal strength
  2. By using the Varicode character set
  3. By transmitting redundant information with the data
  4. By using a parity bit with each character


How are the two separate frequencies of a Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) signal identified?

  1. Dot and dash
  2. On and off
  3. High and low
  4. Mark and space


Which type of code is used for sending characters in a PSK31 signal?

  1. Varicode
  2. Viterbi
  3. Volumetric
  4. Binary


What is indicated on a waterfall display by one or more vertical lines on either side of a digital signal?

  1. Long path propagation
  2. Backscatter propagation
  3. Insufficient modulation
  4. Overmodulation


Which of the following describes a waterfall display?

  1. Frequency is horizontal, signal strength is vertical, time is intensity
  2. Frequency is vertical, signal strength is intensity, time is horizontal
  3. Frequency is horizontal, signal strength is intensity, time is vertical
  4. Frequency is vertical, signal strength is horizontal, time is intensity