Topic G8A Quick Review Audio


How is an FSK signal generated?

  1. By keying an FM transmitter with a sub-audible tone
  2. By changing an oscillator's frequency directly with a digital control signal
  3. By using a transceiver's computer data interface protocol to change frequencies
  4. By reconfiguring the CW keying input to act as a tone generator


What is the name of the process that changes the phase angle of an RF signal to convey information?

  1. Phase convolution
  2. Phase modulation
  3. Phase transformation
  4. Phase inversion


What is the name of the process that changes the instantaneous frequency of an RF wave to convey information?

  1. Frequency convolution
  2. Frequency transformation
  3. Frequency conversion
  4. Frequency modulation


What emission is produced by a reactance modulator connected to a transmitter RF amplifier stage?

  1. Multiplex modulation
  2. Phase modulation
  3. Amplitude modulation
  4. Pulse modulation


What type of modulation varies the instantaneous power level of the RF signal?

  1. Frequency shift keying
  2. Phase modulation
  3. Frequency modulation
  4. Amplitude modulation


Which of the following is characteristic of QPSK31?

  1. It is sideband sensitive
  2. Its encoding provides error correction
  3. Its bandwidth is approximately the same as BPSK31
  4. All these choices are correct


Which of the following phone emissions uses the narrowest bandwidth?

  1. Single sideband
  2. Double sideband
  3. Phase modulation
  4. Frequency modulation


Which of the following is an effect of overmodulation?

  1. Insufficient audio
  2. Insufficient bandwidth
  3. Frequency drift
  4. Excessive bandwidth


What type of modulation is used by the FT8 digital mode?

  1. 8-tone frequency shift keying
  2. Vestigial sideband
  3. Amplitude compressed AM
  4. Direct sequence spread spectrum


What is meant by the term "flat-topping," when referring to a single sideband phone transmission?

  1. Signal distortion caused by insufficient collector current
  2. The transmitter's automatic level control (ALC) is properly adjusted
  3. Signal distortion caused by excessive drive
  4. The transmitter's carrier is properly suppressed


What is the modulation envelope of an AM signal?

  1. The waveform created by connecting the peak values of the modulated signal
  2. The carrier frequency that contains the signal
  3. Spurious signals that envelop nearby frequencies
  4. The bandwidth of the modulated signal


Which of the following narrow-band digital modes can receive signals with very low signal-to-noise ratios?

  1. MSK144
  2. FT8
  3. AMTOR
  4. MFSK32