Topic G6B Quick Review Audio


What determines the performance of a ferrite core at different frequencies?

  1. Its conductivity
  2. Its thickness
  3. The composition, or "mix," of materials used
  4. The ratio of outer diameter to inner diameter


What is meant by the term MMIC?

  1. Multi-Megabyte Integrated Circuit
  2. Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
  3. Military Manufactured Integrated Circuit
  4. Mode Modulated Integrated Circuit


Which of the following is an advantage of CMOS integrated circuits compared to TTL integrated circuits?

  1. Low power consumption
  2. High power handling capability
  3. Better suited for RF amplification
  4. Better suited for power supply regulation


What is meant by the term ROM?

  1. Resistor Operated Memory
  2. Read Only Memory
  3. Random Operational Memory
  4. Resistant to Overload Memory


What is meant when memory is characterized as non-volatile?

  1. It is resistant to radiation damage
  2. It is resistant to high temperatures
  3. The stored information is maintained even if power is removed
  4. The stored information cannot be changed once written


What kind of device is an integrated circuit operational amplifier?

  1. Digital
  2. MMIC
  3. Programmable Logic
  4. Analog


Which of the following describes a type N connector?

  1. A moisture-resistant RF connector useful to 10 GHz
  2. A small bayonet connector used for data circuits
  3. A threaded connector used for hydraulic systems
  4. An audio connector used in surround-sound installations


How is an LED biased when emitting light?

  1. Beyond cutoff
  2. At the Zener voltage
  3. Reverse biased
  4. Forward biased


Which of the following is a characteristic of a liquid crystal display?

  1. It utilizes ambient or back lighting
  2. It offers a wide dynamic range
  3. It consumes relatively high power
  4. It has relatively short lifetime


How does a ferrite bead or core reduce common-mode RF current on the shield of a coaxial cable?

  1. By creating an impedance in the current's path
  2. It converts common-mode current to differential mode
  3. By creating an out-of-phase current to cancel the common-mode current
  4. Ferrites expel magnetic fields


What is a type SMA connector?

  1. A large bayonet connector usable at power levels more than 1 KW
  2. A small threaded connector suitable for signals up to several GHz
  3. A connector designed for serial multiple access signals
  4. A type of push-on connector intended for high-voltage applications


Which of these connector types is commonly used for audio signals in Amateur Radio stations?

  1. PL-259
  2. BNC
  3. RCA Phono
  4. Type N


Which of these connector types is commonly used for RF connections at frequencies up to 150 MHz?

  1. Octal
  2. RJ-11
  3. PL-259
  4. DB-25