Topic G2D Quick Review Audio


What is the Volunteer Monitoring Program?

  1. Amateur volunteers who are formally enlisted to monitor the airwaves for rules violations
  2. Amateur volunteers who conduct amateur licensing examinations
  3. Amateur volunteers who conduct frequency coordination for amateur VHF repeaters
  4. Amateur volunteers who use their station equipment to help civil defense organizations in times of emergency


Which of the following are objectives of the Volunteer Monitoring Program?

  1. To conduct efficient and orderly amateur licensing examinations
  2. To encourage amateur radio operators to self-regulate and comply with the rules
  3. To coordinate repeaters for efficient and orderly spectrum usage
  4. To provide emergency and public safety communications


What skills learned during hidden transmitter hunts are of help to the Volunteer Monitoring Program?

  1. Identification of out-of-band operation
  2. Direction finding used to locate stations violating FCC rules
  3. Identification of different call signs
  4. Hunters have an opportunity to transmit on non-amateur frequencies


Which of the following describes an azimuthal projection map?

  1. A map that shows accurate land masses
  2. A map that shows true bearings and distances from a particular location
  3. A map that shows the angle at which an amateur satellite crosses the equator
  4. A map that shows the number of degrees longitude that an amateur satellite appears to move westward at the equator with each orbit


Which of the following is a good way to indicate on a clear frequency in the HF phone bands that you are looking for a contact with any station?

  1. Sign your call sign once, followed by the words "listening for a call" - if no answer, change frequency and repeat
  2. Say "QTC" followed by "this is" and your call sign - if no answer, change frequency and repeat
  3. Repeat "CQ" a few times, followed by "this is," then your call sign a few times, then pause to listen, repeat as necessary
  4. Transmit an unmodulated carried for approximately 10 seconds, followed by "this is" and your call sign, and pause to listen - repeat as necessary


How is a directional antenna pointed when making a "long-path" contact with another station?

  1. Toward the rising sun
  2. Along the grayline
  3. 180 degrees from the station's short-path heading
  4. Toward the north


Which of the following are examples of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet?

  1. Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog
  2. Adam, Boy, Charles, David
  3. America, Boston, Canada, Denmark
  4. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta


What is a reason why many amateurs keep a station log?

  1. The ITU requires a log of all international contacts
  2. The ITU requires a log of all international third-party traffic
  3. The log provides evidence of operation needed to renew a license without retest
  4. To help with a reply if the FCC requests information


Which of the following is required when participating in a contest on HF frequencies?

  1. Submit a log to the contest sponsor
  2. Send a QSL card to the stations worked, or QSL via Logbook of The World
  3. Identify your station per normal FCC regulations
  4. All these choices are correct


What is QRP operation?

  1. Remote piloted model control
  2. Low-power transmit operation
  3. Transmission using Quick Response Protocol
  4. Traffic relay procedure net operation


Which of the following is typical of the lower HF frequencies during the summer?

  1. Poor propagation at any time of day
  2. World-wide propagation during the daylight hours
  3. Heavy distortion on signals due to photon absorption
  4. High levels of atmospheric noise or "static"