Which of the following is true of a charge-coupled device (CCD)?

  1. Its phase shift changes rapidly with frequency
  2. It is a CMOS analog-to-digital converter
  3. It samples an analog signal and passes it in stages from the input to the output
  4. It is used in a battery charger circuit


Which of the following device packages is a through-hole type?

  1. DIP
  2. PLCC
  3. Ball grid array
  4. SOT


Which of the following materials is likely to provide the highest frequency of operation when used in MMICs?

  1. Silicon
  2. Silicon nitride
  3. Silicon dioxide
  4. Gallium nitride


Which is the most common input and output impedance of circuits that use MMICs?

  1. 50 ohms
  2. 300 ohms
  3. 450 ohms
  4. 10 ohms


Which of the following noise figure values is typical of a low-noise UHF preamplifier?

  1. 2 dB
  2. -10 dB
  3. 44 dBm
  4. -20 dBm


What characteristics of the MMIC make it a popular choice for VHF through microwave circuits?

  1. The ability to retrieve information from a single signal even in the presence of other strong signals
  2. Plate current that is controlled by a control grid
  3. Nearly infinite gain, very high input impedance, and very low output impedance
  4. Controlled gain, low noise figure, and constant input and output impedance over the specified frequency range


Which of the following is typically used to construct a MMIC-based microwave amplifier?

  1. Ground-plane construction
  2. Microstrip construction
  3. Point-to-point construction
  4. Wave-soldering construction


How is voltage from a power supply normally furnished to the most common type of monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC)?

  1. Through a resistor and/or RF choke connected to the amplifier output lead
  2. MMICs require no operating bias
  3. Through a capacitor and RF choke connected to the amplifier input lead
  4. Directly to the bias voltage (VCC IN) lead


Which of the following component package types would be most suitable for use at frequencies above the HF range?

  1. TO-220
  2. Axial lead
  3. Radial lead
  4. Surface mount


What is the packaging technique in which leadless components are soldered directly to circuit boards?

  1. Direct soldering
  2. Virtual lead mounting
  3. Stripped lead
  4. Surface mount


What is a characteristic of DIP packaging used for integrated circuits?

  1. Package mounts in a direct inverted position
  2. Low leakage doubly insulated package
  3. Two chips in each package (Dual In Package)
  4. A total of two rows of connecting pins placed on opposite sides of the package (Dual In-line Package)


Why are high-power RF amplifier ICs and transistors sometimes mounted in ceramic packages?

  1. High-voltage insulating ability
  2. Better dissipation of heat
  3. Enhanced sensitivity to light
  4. To provide a low-pass frequency response