General Class Practice Test

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What will happen to the resistance if the temperature of a resistor is increased?

It will change depending on the resistor's reactance coefficient
It will stay the same
It will change depending on the resistor's temperature coefficient
It will become time dependent


What is an advantage of a digital voltmeter as compared to an analog voltmeter?

Better for measuring computer circuits
Better for RF measurements
Better precision for most uses
Faster response


Which of the following is an application for a Beverage antenna?

Directional transmitting for low HF bands
Directional receiving for low HF bands
Portable direction finding at higher HF frequencies
Portable direction finding at lower HF frequencies


Why do most amateur stations use lower sideband on the 160-meter, 75-meter and 40-meter bands?

Lower sideband is more efficient than upper sideband at these frequencies
Lower sideband is the only sideband legal on these frequency bands
Because it is fully compatible with an AM detector
Current amateur practice is to use lower sideband on these frequency bands


Which of the following components should be added to an existing resistor to increase the resistance?

A resistor in parallel
A resistor in series
A capacitor in series
A capacitor in parallel


What is the purpose of a corona ball on a HF mobile antenna?

To narrow the operating bandwidth of the antenna
To increase the "Q" of the antenna
To reduce the chance of damage if the antenna should strike an object
To reduce high voltage discharge from the tip of the antenna


What is meant by the term flat-topping when referring to a single sideband phone transmission?

Signal distortion caused by insufficient collector current
The transmitter's automatic level control (ALC) is properly adjusted
Signal distortion caused by excessive drive
The transmitter's carrier is properly suppressed


What types of messages for a third party in another country may be transmitted by an amateur station?

Any message, as long as the amateur operator is not paid
Only messages for other licensed amateurs
Only messages relating to Amateur Radio or remarks of a personal character, or messages relating to emergencies or disaster relief
Any messages, as long as the text of the message is recorded in the station log


Which of the following is a common way to adjust the feed point impedance of a quarter wave ground plane vertical antenna to be approximately 50 ohms?

Slope the radials upward
Slope the radials downward
Lengthen the radials
Shorten the radials


How many watts are dissipated when a current of 7.0 milliamperes flows through 1.25 kilohms resistance?

Approximately 61 milliwatts
Approximately 61 watts
Approximately 11 milliwatts
Approximately 11 watts


Which of the following describes one method of impedance matching between two AC circuits?

Insert an LC network between the two circuits
Reduce the power output of the first circuit
Increase the power output of the first circuit
Insert a circulator between the two circuits


Where is an S meter found?

In a receiver
In an SWR bridge
In a transmitter
In a conductance bridge


When is an amateur station permitted to transmit secret codes?

During a declared communications emergency
To control a space station
Only when the information is of a routine, personal nature
Only with Special Temporary Authorization from the FCC


What is the stage in a VHF FM transmitter that generates a harmonic of a lower frequency signal to reach the desired operating frequency?

Reactance modulator
Pre-emphasis network


What is meant by the term MMIC?

Multi Megabyte Integrated Circuit
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
Military Manufactured Integrated Circuit
Mode Modulated Integrated Circuit


Which of the following is a way to establish contact with a digital messaging system gateway station?

Send an email to the system control operator
Send QRL in Morse code
Respond when the station broadcasts its SSID
Transmit a connect message on the station's published frequency


In what units is RF feed line loss usually expressed?

Ohms per 1000 feet
Decibels per 1000 feet
Ohms per 100 feet
Decibels per 100 feet


What does the Q signal "QRV" mean?

You are sending too fast
There is interference on the frequency
I am quitting for the day
I am ready to receive messages


What reading on the plate current meter of a vacuum tube RF power amplifier indicates correct adjustment of the plate tuning control?

A pronounced peak
A pronounced dip
No change will be observed
A slow, rhythmic oscillation


What usually happens to radio waves with frequencies below the MUF and above the LUF when they are sent into the ionosphere?

They are bent back to the Earth
They pass through the ionosphere
They are amplified by interaction with the ionosphere
They are bent and trapped in the ionosphere to circle the Earth


What is a geomagnetic storm?

A sudden drop in the solar flux index
A thunderstorm which affects radio propagation
Ripples in the ionosphere
A temporary disturbance in the Earth's magnetosphere


Which of the following amateur bands is restricted to communication on only specific channels, rather than frequency ranges?

11 meters
12 meters
30 meters
60 meters


How does the gain of two 3-element horizontally polarized Yagi antennas spaced vertically 1/2 wavelength apart typically compare to the gain of a single 3-element Yagi?

Approximately 1.5 dB higher
Approximately 3 dB higher
Approximately 6 dB higher
Approximately 9 dB higher


What determines the frequency of an LC oscillator?

The number of stages in the counter
The number of stages in the divider
The inductance and capacitance in the tank circuit
The time delay of the lag circuit


What does "time averaging" mean in reference to RF radiation exposure?

The average amount of power developed by the transmitter over a specific 24 hour period
The average time it takes RF radiation to have any long-term effect on the body
The total time of the exposure
The total RF exposure averaged over a certain time


Which of the following can perform automatic notching of interfering carriers?

Bandpass tuning
A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) filter
Balanced mixing
A noise limiter


What circuit is used to combine signals from the IF amplifier and BFO and send the result to the AF amplifier in some single sideband receivers?

RF oscillator
IF filter
Balanced modulator
Product detector


Why is the F2 region mainly responsible for the longest distance radio wave propagation?

Because it is the densest ionospheric layer
Because it does not absorb radio waves as much as other ionospheric regions
Because it is the highest ionospheric region
All of these choices are correct


Why must the metal enclosure of every item of station equipment be grounded?

It prevents a blown fuse in the event of an internal short circuit
It prevents signal overload
It ensures that the neutral wire is grounded
It ensures that hazardous voltages cannot appear on the chassis


Which type of code is used for sending characters in a PSK31 signal?



What portion of the AC cycle is converted to DC by a full-wave rectifier?

90 degrees
180 degrees
270 degrees
360 degrees


What skills learned during hidden transmitter hunts are of help to the Amateur Auxiliary?

Identification of out of band operation
Direction finding used to locate stations violating FCC Rules
Identification of different call signs
Hunters have an opportunity to transmit on non-amateur frequencies


Which of the following must a person have before they can be an administering VE for a Technician Class license examination?

Notification to the FCC that you want to give an examination
Receipt of a CSCE for General Class
Possession of a properly obtained telegraphy license
An FCC General Class or higher license and VEC accreditation


What is a practical way to avoid harmful interference on an apparently clear frequency before calling CQ on CW or phone?

Send "QRL?" on CW, followed by your call sign; or, if using phone, ask if the frequency is in use, followed by your call sign
Listen for 2 minutes before calling CQ
Send the letter "V" in Morse code several times and listen for a response or say "test" several times and listen for a response
Send "QSY" on CW or if using phone, announce "the frequency is in use", then give your call and listen for a response


Which of the following is a limitation on transmitter power on the 28 MHz band for a General Class control operator?

100 watts PEP output
1000 watts PEP output
1500 watts PEP output
2000 watts PEP output